A guide to mobile phone contracts

phone contract guideWe all love our mobile phones. The convenience and mobility afforded by a good mobile phone is just outstanding. Simply placing calls or receiving texts is so passé. Check emails on the go? Done! Order your favourite t-shirt online? Boom, sorted! Run a business from the confines of a transcontinental flight, from 35,000 feet up in the air? Easy-peasy!

But in our quest to get the latest phone—the oh-so-fancy latest offering from Samsung, Apple, HTC and their ilk—we often forget to pay the same amount of attention to our mobile service provider. I mean, it’s all in the phone, right? The phone’s capabilities, after all, allow you to experience all those aforementioned luxuries.

That’s where we tend to get it wrong and twisted nine times out of ten. There’s not one living soul who hasn’t been guilty of this crime at some point in their lives. After all, what is the latest HTC phone without a good mobile plan, if not a mere box filled with the latest wires and other electronic odds and ends?

This is why it becomes important to look carefully and evaluate the various SIM only deals on offer. Evaluate each deal systematically for the reliability of the brand and then for cost effectiveness. Without these two very important pillars, any mobile phone deal can end up becoming very cumbersome very quickly.

Some mobile service providers make it easy for their customers to trust them. Virgin Media Mobile SIM only deals, from the ever trust worthy, ever flamboyant Virgin brand, afford great flexibility and trust to their customers. The Virgin brand has come to symbolise quality, cost effectiveness and immense customer faith across the British Isles. Whatever the Virgin group has touched has turned into sheer customer gold—be it their airline, their train service, or even their line of megastores. The Virgin brand aims at putting the customer first and that focus shows in their SIM only deals ad telecom services too.

Virgin Media Mobile offer two sorts of packages to their customers: a pay as you go package and a monthly tariff package. Broadly, a pay as you go package affords customers the liberty to buy some credit and recharge only when that credit has been used up. In this way, by unbundling a lot of costs, customers are assured that they are only paying for what they use. A monthly tariff plan, on the other hand, affords customers the security of a (largely) fixed monthly mobile phone bill.

Each of these types further has specific packages under it. Depending on the customer’s usage requirements and the depth of his/her pockets, they can choose any of the myriad packages on offer.

Rather interestingly, Virgin Media Mobile also offer customers the option to link their existing Virgin Broadband/TV/home phone to their new Virgin Mobile connection. By doing so, customers benefit from even better package deals across all these Virgin offerings. Loyalty? I’m sure, over at Virgin HQ, they just call it good customer service!