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Wilson Audio Yvette lands in UK

I have a real soft spot for Wilson Audio loudspeakers, especially the £105,000 Alexx. They are definitely what I’d class as aspirational, for the likes of me anyhow. Well, Wilson have just announced the release of the slightly more affordable Yvette speakers. The new Yvette loudspeakers draw from Wilson’s rich tradition. But, perhaps more importantly, […]

Wilson Audio Alexx speakers review

I was very honoured to be asked along to the very first set of sittings in the UK of Wilson Audio’s new Alexx loudspeakers. Alexx is the fourth all-new loudspeaker from Wilson Audio in as many years. Those of you familiar with the Wilson Audio brand may take it as read that the Alexx replaces […]

National Audio Show 2015 round up

This was my first visit to the UK’s National Audio Show (NAS) which is held annually at Whittlebury Hall spa hotel just behind the legendary Silverstone racetrack in Northamptonshire. As I had been playing a gig the night before any chance of an early start was out of the question but this also meant that […]

CES 2017 Hi-Fi brands to see – Absolute Sounds

If you’re heading to Las Vegas for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and love your Hi-Fi gear then here’s something just for you. CES 2017 is huge and you don’t want to miss the latest delights from all the eminent audio brands whose products are distributed in the UK exclusively by Absolute Sounds. Here’s a […]

Chord Company ChordMusic cables – hearing is believing

One sure-fire way of starting a flame war on forums and Facebook pages is by mentioning the abilities of cables in your Hi-Fi system. Some will argue based on pure science, others by experience. Personally, I choose to use my ears and a healthy dollop of skepticism. The thing is, no matter the reason, leads […]

Tech Addicts podcast #3

It’s that time again when Sam, Gavin, Gareth and my good self gather around a virtual table to discuss what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks. So, episode 3 and our first listener question which is good, and also a correction to be made from the last show. We welcome all feedback by-the-way […]