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Allocacoc announce new hands-free PowerCubes

I already own a PowerCube Remote. Now, Allocacoc are offering a way of controlling power – this time, without touching anything. Allocacoc are offering a new Remote Sensor, as well as an all new Sound Sensor version. The PowerCube Remote Sensor senses your motion through a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor. When the motion sensor detects […]

Allocacoc PowerCube Remote review

Power strips, 4-gangs, 6-gangs, trailing sockets, call them what you will. Most of us will have owned very many in our time. But, believe it or not, Allocacoc have managed to approach this most basic part of your tech set-up a bit differently, as well as adding a neat bit of functionality to it. I […]

eScooter announced by Allocacoc

Allocacoc, the industrial design company known for their PowerCube, has let us know about their light-weight and compact electric scooter. Here is the imaginatively named eScooter. This new light and compact electric scooter weighs only 11kg. That’s around one-third the weight of regular scooters. Allocacoc promises power and comfort, as well as removing some obstacles […]

Allocacoc releases audioCube

The audioCube comes from Allocacoc. You might remember the PowerCube from Allocacoc, the remote controlled 4-gang power extension. Now the company has brought its cubist genius to an audio product. As most speakers are unidirectional, the best sound is directly in front of the device. The thing is, once you move to either side, the […]