8bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick – Nintendo Switch retro controller

NES30 Arcade Stick Nintendo Switch controller 8bitdo is bringing the button-smashing and stick waggling of yesteryear back again. The NES30 Arcade Stick borrows its styling from the classic NES but packs up-to-date tech.

The NES30 Arcade Stick might look like a retro throw-back but underneath that classic case is today’s tech.

Firstly, you get Bluetooth connectivity for wireless compatibility with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, Mac and Steam.

8bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick

The classic Nintendo colour scheme and graphics remain intact but, unlike the original NES Arcade Stick, 8bitdo’s version has a full complement of buttons for modern games, has built-in turbo capability and is also customisable with Sanwa joysticks.

Go big or go home

NES30 Arcade Stick SwitchThose eight big red 30mm size buttons are just screaming out for easy combo chaining.

This is perfect as Nintendo has been releasing a lot of classic SNK fighters on the Switch, as well as the Ultra Street Fighter II remaster.

If you’re a beat ’em up fan, how could you not be tempted?

Thanks to its size, there’s plenty of room for a decent battery. The NES30 Arcade Stick will hand you up to 18 hours of continuous play time. By then, you’ll probably need a break any way.

I have heard nothing but good things regarding 8bitdo’s controllers.

They seem to be extremely reliable and comfortable to use.

Price and availability

The NES30 Arcade Stick is up for pre-order now via Amazon USA, and will ship by August 20th, with a retail price of $79.99.

It is available on Amazon UK for £95 but I would hang on as there is another option that’s currently a page saver.

8Bit twincube8bitdo is also releasing another product it first showed off at E3 this year for pre-order today.

The TwinCube Stereo Speakers are $59.99 and work with a range of devices and also start shipping on August 20 if you’re in the US of A.