80 into 1 does go – Memory Card Reader

80-1A recent error on my part saw me throwing out a bunch of USB cables (how many do I need? I asked myself), only to discover one of them was for my digital camera – how do I upload my pics now?  If I had a card reader that would cover every eventuality……………

iMONO 80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader supports 8-bit read-and-write speeds – an Incredible speedy data transfer! No card adapters are needed as it [is] compatible with most popular memory cards [it] supports the latest card types [such] as SDHC, MMC4.2, CF4.0, micro SDHC and mini SDHC.

For $17 from Brando I’d be covered for pretty much every card out there!, and measuring a mere 100mm x 27mm x 15mm it could be carted around everywhere – job done :0)