3G iPhone – Haves and Have Nots

3G iPhone Black and WhiteOk people – here’s a quick once over of the latest iPhone:

  • It’s tri-band 3G. This same phone will ship worldwide.
  • WiFi is still 802.11b/g, no support for n yet.
  • The GPS is A-GPS
  • Geotagging photos is a yes.
  • The screen looks exactly the same
  • The camera is identical to the first – yup, that puny 2 megapixels. No front-facing camera in the end.
  • Feels thicker in the hand but with those tapered edges it doesn’t feel that different. The back is all curvy so you can play spin the iPhone!
  • Good quality plastic and nice and glossy so is just as much a finger-print magnet as the screen!! Oish!
  • “It comes with a ridiculously, absurdly small power adapter. It basically looks like a tiny square with a USB port on one side, and power prongs on the other. It will power any other iDevice (iPod touch, 1st gen iPhone, etc.), and sell separately for those that want a smaller adapter.”
  • The dock is now sold separately.
  • Probably wont fit into your old dock. The new dock does look smaller and more sculpted to the new iPhone’s curves.
  • The 3.5 mm headphone jack is flush.

Now. What hasn’t it got?

  • Multimedia Messaging: Pretty much every other phone on the market has the ability to send images to other phones via multimedia messaging, or MMS. Yes, you can still email those photos, but MMS is such a basic feature these days – why wasn’t it on the Jesus Phone from the start?
  • Copy and paste: Again, this is such a basic feature. Having copy and paste makes it easier to type out text messages and emails.
  • Video recording: In the world of mobile video and the likes of YouTube, it’s a shame the iPhone doesn’t have video-recording capabilities. Yes, the quality won’t be that great, but it should be an option anyway – again a poke at that 2mp camera……..I mean, really!!
  • Bluetooth flexibility: Ok. So you can use Bluetooth on the iPhone for headset voice calls. But how about Bluetooth and A2DP for streaming music wirelessly, the capacity for using the iPhone as a modem and a Bluetooth file transfer protocol so you can transfer files to and from the iPhone?