3D Street Art book and Amazon voucher up for grabs!

Anamorphic Charlie BrownRecently, social media has been buzzing with incredible street illusions of giant holes opening up in the earth, people walking across glass bridges above sweeping cityscapes or even hands jumping out from the centre of the page. On a more practical level, the markings on roads often appear elongated so the driver can see them properly from a distance. This popular technique, known as Anamorphic Design, has been used for years on the roads, but it is now taking the artistic world by storm.

It was popularised in the 1920’s by two cousins from Cottingley, Yorkshire, who created paper cut out fairies that when photographed looked so realistic their authenticity wasn’t questioned until the 1970’s!

Put simply, anamorphic design uses perspective to make an image look 3D, tricking the viewer into thinking it’s ‘popping out’ of the page (or street, wall, whatever you like!). This deception only occurs when the viewer looks at the image at the right angle, or with a lens. It has gained great popularity on the street art scene in recent years with artists such as Julian Beever, Kurt Wenner & DALeast producing bold designs, as well as being used by Renault to advertise its range of trucks.

Print specialists instantprint have launched a new section of their website (Outside the Box) showcasing some of the most creative examples of anamorphic design which are scarily realistic! To help promote this, we’re collaborating with them to run a competition where one of you guys can win a cool 3D Street Art book, £25 Amazon voucher and one of instantprint’s anamorphic designs.

All you need to do is leave a comment or tweet your ideas on what you would like to see as an anamorphic design using the hashtag #printoutsidethebox and tagging @GadgetyNewsCom.

The competition is open to UK residents only, starting on the 23rd September 2013 and closing on October 7th 2013, so get entering as soon as you can!

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