3 in 1 Ghostbusting Paranormal Tracking Instrument

Paranormal ResearchIf you’ve seen the film ‘Paranormal Activity’ you will have noticed that having a video camera isn’t the only thing you really need.

Any budding ghost-hunters will need an array of scientific instruments in order to prove and find the gad-about ghosts.

Thankfully, the folk over at Scientifics Online have just the very thing.

This spectre-finder has the 3 most useful tools wrapped up in one handy device.

You get an EMF Meter, Ambient Temperature Gauge and a……. errrrrrrr…….. flashlight.

“Designed exclusively for paranormal investigators, this incredible tool has everything you need to track and detect the presence of ghosts.”

The aptly spooky green-lit screen will help would-be ghostbusters decide whether or not they’re soon to be slimed.

The EMF burst mode detects EMF movement rapidly, and the record feature allows you to capture minimum and maximum values from your adventures and investigations.

You could always team this up with your Vampire hunting kit 🙂

For those on a budget this undead-uncovering unit is available with or without a built-in red nightvision flashlight – $149 or $129 respectively.

I wonder if it could detect the ghost in a bottle?

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