2VR virtual reality glasses hits Kickstarter

2vr virtual reality glasses emptyThe 2VR virtual reality glasses is the latest in a long-line of VR facewear looking to find space in this increasingly attractive arena.

2VR is looking for its own niche. Google Cardboard allowed people to view VR on their smartphones but allows for an inexpensive option of constructing the device literally out of cardboard. The thing is, one of its main limitations has been its ‘boxy’ design (sorry).

Now there’s the 2VR virtual reality glasses which aims to to take mobile VR one step further, whilst keeping it hands free.

The freshly launched Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign has Stimuli, a New York-based firm, looking to raise $30,000 USD for its product 2VR.

2vr virtual reality glassesThe main selling point of the 2VR virtual reality glasses is that, not only are they lightweight and highly portable, you don’t need to hold the device in order to steady it or keep it against your face.

As a spectacle-wearer these look to be yet another version that I won’t be able to use. Remember my problems with Google Glass?

2VR resembles a pair of glasses with a clip on the front to hold your smartphone. Working with screens from 4.7-inches up to 6-inches, you can view the same VR content as you’d expect – but hands-free.

2vr virtual reality glasses edgeTo get in on the 2VR virtual reality glasses funding, rewards start at $15 USD including the headset for early birds.

This then raises up several tiers at $17 USD, $20 USD and $25 USD for the final price.

There are also packs available with multiples of ten, fifty and one hundred 2VR units.

For the single units US shipping is included in the price, but international orders will incur a charge.

Will you be going for it? Do you think that screen glare may be a problem? Will these actually stay on your nose given the extra weight of your mobile device?

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