2eleven Brings Table Football To 2009 – Foosball!

2elevenSome call it ‘foosball’ but here in the UK it gets the more descriptive name of Table Football – or Table Footie.

And no matter what you call it 2eleven has just made it better and added some 21st century to this classic pub game!

But, c’mon, how can you hi-techify or gadgetise what, in essence is just little men on poles?

This is a bar game after all so why and how would you sprinkle in some technology?

Well, how about adding LED scoreboards, automated kick-offs and LCD screens?

Hang on. Are those screens for action replays of your finest moments?

Oh no – they’re for ads – just like real football (or soccer if you’re not reading this in the UK!).

I can’t see any holders for bottles, cans or pints though.  Odd.

I think it would be a shame to have this in your local – it would look much better in my flat I think.

Unfortunately I’m guessing that it wont be real cheap and I’m not entirely sure the orange and grey colour-scheme would fit in with my surroundings.

But should my numbers come up this evening……………………..

2eleven via Born Rich