250GB Xbox Kinect Bundle Coming – Fact!

Microsoft is releasing a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle just in case you thought that the 4GB version wasn’t hardcore enough.

Before you skim read this for the words ‘apparently’ or ‘according to rumour’ this is a thing of Antipodean fact folks!

Those eagle-eyed folk over at Joystiq got wind that the boxes of the Australian 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle blatantly shows that there’s also a 250GB option.

As well as it having those beefy 250GB’s of storage it will also be nice and shiny.

So – do you choose the matte 4GB or the glossy 250GB? Both obviously come with the Kinect sensor – it’s a bundle after all!

There’s no indication what games the 250GB version will come with but Kinect Adventures should be a standard offering methinks 😉

No mention of prices either just yet – keep coming back and as soon as I know you will 🙂

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