Sparkly Sennheisers

Sennheiser SwarovskiThis is the coming together of 2 pretty well known names – Sennheiser and Swarovski.

These glittery cans are the product of UK based company CrystralRoc, they also did the sparkling Fifties mic from Kylie’s Showgirl Homecoming tour (apparently).

They’ve added Swarovski to the Sennheiser HD25 headphones and CX300 earphones – fortunately they keep the sonic quality (I’m quite a fan of Sennheiser) but, unfortunately, lose their subtle styling.

Each is described as a “fully functioning handcrafted work of art, developed with a technique which has been honed to absolute perfection and a quality of workmanship which ensures that every crystal is precisely positioned and in its own perfect space”. Hmm.

Don’t worry though; that lady-pink – sorry, Light Rose – isn’t the only finish available. There’s a more “manly” Crystal AB (white, we assume) and Light Sapphire (probably blue) available too.

And the cost of such unmistakable craftsmanship? £299 for the HD25 headphones and £99 for the CX300 earphones. I don’t think that many people travelling on the nightbus will be wearing them (for long) though.

Spotted at the glittering T3