12-inch MacBook Air breaks cover and shows its face

macbook_air_12_display_1Things are hotting up regarding news and supposed leaks surrounding Apple’s rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air. The latest being these snaps of what is said to be the mini MacBook’s display.

Chinese site iFanr have some in-car spy shots which claims to show the display and metal shell from the upcoming 12-inch machine alongside both a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 9.7-inch iPad for scale.

The new display has two noticeable differences from current MacBook Air. The first, and possibly the most controversial, being the loss of the iconic backlit Apple logo on the back of the display assembly in favour of a polished metal logo more like those seen on iPads. iFanr reckons that ditching the light helps with the device’s slender proportions.

macbook_air_12_display_2The display also appears to lack the grey bezels that the current MacBook Air sports. This new version has gone for an all-glass edge-to-edge cover for the display as seen on Retina MacBook Pro models. Paired with black bezels underneath, it is difficult to see where the display ends and the bezels begin unless the screen is turned on. Earlier renderings of the 12-inch MacBook Air based on information from within Apple had shown grey bezels similar to those seen on the current MacBook Air.

The 12-inch MacBook Air will reportedly have roughly the same footprint as the 11-inch MacBook Air, relying on smaller bezels to compensate for a larger display size. The comparison photos shows the significantly smaller footprint for the 12-inch machine compared to a 13-inch MacBook Pro

The next-generation MacBook Air is expected to feature a high-resolution display (perhaps classified as Retina) and new Broadwell Core M processors that will enable a thin, fanless design.

macbook_air_12_display_3Other reports have claimed the 12-inch MacBook Air will do away with nearly all the ports typically found on Apple’s line of MacBooks, offering only a headphone jack, a pair of microphones, and a USB Type-C port that may handle both charging and external connectivity.

What do you think about the new MacBook Air?