12-inch Apple MacBook Air release date and specs leaked

macbookThe 12-inch MacBook Air appeared in spy shots earlier this year and now The Wall Street Journal reports that mass production of the new laptop has already begun.

News that the still yet to be confirmed laptop is in full production is no doubt music to the ears of Mac lovers everywhere.

Apparently known as the MacBook Stealth over at Apple’s base, the 12-inch MBA is set to launch without full-size USB ports, SD card slot or the traditional MagSafe power connector. Yeah, I know, right?

Word is that all of this tweakage is to do with saving space so that the Stealth can be the slimmest MacBook to date.

The 12-incher is said to feature a new-style reversible USB port (as seen on the Nokia N1 tablet), headphone jack and dual microphones. Oh, and it will brag Apple’s eyeball party known as Retina display tech.

The plan is that the new MacBook Air will slip nicely in between the current 11- and 13-inch models.

With the rumoured on-sale date still a few weeks away (rumours speak of this happening sometime between April and June), it’s doubtful that Apple will announce the 12-inch Retina MacBook Air at its event on March 9th, leaving it all for the award winning Apple Watch. But, you never know. They might find a few minutes to announce the little laptop.