12 gig SDHC? – I say yes please!

SansDisk 12gb8 gig not big enough for ya!?!!

That’s what SansDisk is asking – and they’ve decided to flash you with 12 gigs of memory on their latest tinsy-tiny micro SDHC. 

According to SanDisk, that 12gb means that you can load 1500 songs, 3600 photos AND 24 hours of video footage onto your mobile blower – that’s pretty spesh aint it?

STOP RIGHT THERE!!  No point in rushing to get one and shove it in your N95 so you can wave it at all the Johnny-come-latelies with their 8gig version – The card has just been sorted by SanDisk and it is currently being put through its paces by all the major phone makers.

Should be around later in the year tho – patience young padawan. 

Via the wonderful T3