118800 Has Got Your Mobile Number and Will Give it To Anyone for £1

mobile-phone-evolutionThe first directory service that claims to be able to find any British mobile phone number starts next week so you’d better be ready to get calls from strangers!

It will cost a £1 and then 118800.co.uk will be able to connect customers of its service to any of Britain’s 42 million mobile phones.

The directory, which goes live on June 18 already contains “millions” of mobile numbers and their owners names, is the first of its kind in the UK.

It will work kinda like old-fashioned telephone operators did: users will call the service and ask to be connected to the mobile phone of a person. The service calls that mobile phone and asks for permission to connect the call.

The service has been developed using data bought from market research businesses. People not wishing to be included on the list must inform the directory by text or phone that they wish to opt out.

That’s fair enough but you’ll be charged your standard network rate (surely it should be free?) and face a wait of four weeks before their number is excluded.

Are you happy about this? Let me know in the comments.

Watch the report from ‘Working Lunch’ below:

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