360 Board – Extreme Off Road

360 BoardOk people with a scant respect for life. You know who you are; the boarders, downhill mountain-bike racers, base jumpers, free-climbers, free-runners and other adrenalin junkies.

Here’s another thing for you to through yourself down hills on.

It’s the 360 and comes fresh from the twisted mind of designer Francesco Sommacal.

Instead of standing on it like a normal skate or snow board, the user actually sticks his/her feet in the wheels itself, giving a whole new level of control and lunacy!

The offroad styled wheels and tyres allow the 360 to bound across areas that a skateboarder or inline skater can’t normally cover such as loose gravel and grass (remember the trial of inline skate equipped cops in parks?).

Not only is the 360 more versatile, but, as it’s name implies, it is capable of some very cool tricks like flipping end over end.

Unfortunately, the official site does not list a price or availability date.