Yellowsn0w Will Unlock Your iPhone – Be SIM Free

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Google Android Gets Paid Applications

iphone-3g-yellowsn0wAll those of you that have been waiting for that moment where you can pick which provider you use need wait no more!

Finally, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked with thanks to those clever little coders at the Dev-Team.

The unlocking app with the less than tasty name of  “yellowsn0w”  is available now and only works with the iPhone software version 2.2.

The release isn’t fully finished at present and this bit of genius is still technically a beta – so be prepared for a couple teething niggles but in general it should let you use any SIM card with an iPhone 3G.

Even Stephen Fry gave a hoot of joy after downloading it exclaiming:  “Those witty, brilliant, funny, bright & wholly adorable geniuses at have done it! Soft unlock for the 3g working: bless them:)

Give it a go my lovelies!


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Google Android Gets Paid Applications
  • yellowsn0w

    One very important detail you missed is that it’s still in beta and many people are having problem with it. The latest 0.9.4 fixes issues for many but still has problems as well. People who want a fully functional version should just wait till it’s out of beta. Whoever wants to help out should go ahead and try it to help the DevTeam fix problems. :)

  • Jay Garrett

    Hi there :)

    I do mention that it is still a beta in the fourth paragraph 😉

    But thanks for underlining that and also if any of you lovely readers are handy with code why not take up the Yellowsn0w challenge and make it even better?