Win Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified – PS Vita competition

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win call of duty black ops declassifiedCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 was released worldwide on Tuesday and with it came an exclusive PS Vita spin off called Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified.

Reactions have been mixed and we wanted to give away a copy so people could make up their own minds!

For a chance of winning Black Ops: Declassified, just answer this simple question:

What is your favourite Call of Duty game and why?

The best answer (judged by Punk and Lizard) will win a free copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified for the PS Vita and the winner will be announced next Friday, get posting in the comments section!

This competition is open to UK readers only and closes at midnight Thursday, November 22nd 2012

Good luck!

call of duty black ops declassified

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JBL OnBeat Micro and Venue LT Lightning speaker docks UK price
Barclaycard Toys Unleashed game app released
  • The Fox

    Hoping the ps vita one is gonna be the best! Cos the vita really is amazing, its simlpy the best.

  • Ohtarus

    My favourite CoD game so far has probably been Modern Warfare 2, but the best game mode has been Der Reise in World at War.
    My first play through went something like this.
    “Zombies, haha, quick board up the entrances. Oooh, a crate! Awesome, a Flamethrower!!! AHAHAHAHA…Wait, now there’s flaming zombies! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Rance

    My fave CoD game so far is definatly CoD 3 

    We got better graphics. Better gameplay. The ability to use tanks and
    vehicles better with a new array of weapons. And call me sad, but an interesting and great story

  • Opyate

    CoD4 (the first modern warfare), especially the Chernobyl stage. It gave me the creeps, the empty apartment blocks and the merry go round. The sniping sequence was the best, because you had to take into account the coriolis effect, which was a nice touch.

  • David Anyanwu

    My favourite Call of Duty would be Modern Warfare 2. While CoD4: MW was my first ever FPS game, MW2 was one of the first games I got with my PS3, and it was MW2 that introduced me to the wonders of competitive multiplayer. 

    Most of my favourite multiplayer experiences come from playing that game, especially maps like Highrise, Terminal, Scrapyard and Rust. The ACR was definitely my favourite gun and I owe it my 1.7 K/D ratio. 

    After a two year absence (my last CoD was Black Ops) I’m hoping to reclaim my throne this year.

  • rich155

    My favourite Call of Duty game is ‘World at War’. It was my first CoD game and really introduced me properly to first-person shooters. Ever since then I have been hooked!

    However, the main reason for it being my favourite is the fact that I was studying The Third Reich during WW2 when the game was released. For example, on the last level I understood a lot more of the backstory when storming the Reichstag building and loved the hidden easter egg of hearing Hitler’s speeches when standing next to the podium which some people may have discarded.

    Lastly, even though a video game could never encompass the true experience of war; it made me appreciate, even more, everything that those brave men went through 70 years ago. Playing missions in real places such as the Battle of Peleliu and Makin Atoll gave me a  much greater sense of emotion than any other game in the series and I am thankful for the reminder of the true sacrifice, honour, and bravery that was shown so we could have a better future today.

  • Ricardo Marques

    My favorite Call of Duty game was Call of Duty: World at War, because was “The Cradle of Zombie Mode”.

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  • Tikithia

    My Favourite Call Of Duty game so far was Black Ops, It was intense, I got it as a gift and I completely loved it, every single second of it was amazing! I felt like I was living inside the game, I basically stayed in front of the TV with my Xbox until the game was done, right through, no sleep, was exhausting, yet exciting! When I was finally done, my brother challenged me to a game of Zombies, by that time I was so exhausted, but I totally did it! Was great, big fan of the COD games! 

  • Joshuamalin_jaydot124

    My favourite call of duty has to be the 1st modern warefare.. This is just because it was original and was the 1st attempt at a modern style format of warefare with 21st centry gadgets and wepons I also believe it had the best maps in online game play, gamers were still playing call of duty modern warfare even when world at war and moder warfare 2 was created..

    It just had one of the best story lines with the initation of soap mctavish and showing captain price in his youth under the command of captain mc millan