Windows 8 Ultrabooks: The best of the bunch

Coverage of the CES show in Las Vegas this month has left us with a considerable amount of hardware lust, not least for the huge range of ultrabooks now hitting the shelves. While Apple weren’t at the show, their absence was barely noticed this year, as most people scrambled to see the new Windows 8 OS in […]

Netbooks killed off – Acer and Asus pull the plug

I’ve always been suspicious about Netbooks. You know, those underpowered laptops designed for the coffee shop browser. Asus and Acer have followed Dell in confirming that the netbook is officially dead. With the appearance of tablets and Ultrabooks then end was never far away for the Netbook. Reports that Asus and Acer have officially ceased […]

Dell Venue Pro on Sale in UK Now – QWERTY Windows Phone 7 Mobile

Way back when Windows Phone 7 was launched the rather spiffing Dell Venue Pro was pencilled in to land before crimbo. It was delayed and then ear-marked for a release earlier this month – yup, that came and went too. It’s practically March but better late than never – Dell has now officially launched the […]

Dell XPS 15 and XPS 17 Media Laptops Released – 3D and Sandy Bridge

So as not to be outdone by Apple and it’s new MacBook Pro announcement – Dell has flashed its high performance XPS 17 and XPS 15 laptops in a release announcement. Like the new Apple lappy’s the XPS 15 and 17 are loading with the “latest second generation intel Core processors” better known as Sandy […]

Dell Inspiron Duo Netbook / Tablet Hybrid Now on Sale!

Ooooo…. it’s the only Dell that I’ve ever wanted – you know, actually desired. It has to be the sexy, mad, crazy Dell Inspiron Duo tablet / netbook hybrid. And now it’s for sale folks! This multi-use 10-incher comes packing a dual-core Atom N550 CPU, Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, and some serious flare. […]

Windows Phone 7 Fails to Impress the US

I have to admit – I like the look of Windows Phone 7 and some of the handsets. I have had a quick flick around the easy-on-the-eye-and-brain interface and found it very intuitive. I really want to have a go on Dell’s Venue Pro! So, when I heard that when the handsets hit US shelves […]