Lolly Wafflesicle Maker – Great Idea with a Scary Price Tag

What can beat waffles for breakfast?

Only wafflesicles that’s what! :)

‘Lolly’ will produce 4, 9.4-inch waffle cones on a stick in under 2 minutes

The ‘Lolly’ waffle maker comes from the tempters at Triangular Concept.

The only downside to this morning glory is that it appears to have a price tag of over 700 Euros!!

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  • marwa

    i want to buy it ,how i can get it?and how much ?

  • Waffle Chef

    Thats’s a neumarker. Have a look:
    We use to sell waffles on a stick on fairs and markets. 4 waffles in 1 minute = more than 200 waffles an hour.. realized my first porsche ;)