Linksys improves their best router and announces the WRT1900ACS

Linksys has just announced that it has refreshed and improved upon its already excellent WRT1900AC. The new open source-friendly router is now equipped with a faster processor and double the RAM, this is rewarded by the addition of an “S” prefix to its name. With the WRT1900ACS, Linksys says that it has …improved upon its […]

Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac powerline review

Powerline adapters. I wasn’t convinced at first and would thread CAT 5e cable through each flat I rented. Then I ended up renting a house and had to rethink things. Renting a place means no drilling holes in floors and ceilings. For the last 8 months I’ve been relying on some of these adapters and […]

Google launches stylish OnHub router

Routers generally are either meh or WTF when it comes to looks. You either want to hide them or want them in plain sight so you can keep an eye on them just in case they decide to wreak havoc. The new one from Google, however, is almost pretty. This new addition from Google is […]

D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 ultra Wi-Fi router review

I’ve seen the D-Link DIR-890L before when I was checking out the recommended routers for my NVIDIA SHIELD tablet (still yet to review). The thing is, I still wasn’t prepared for how big, red and visually impressive it is – but, is it any good at its job? This AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi router definitely stands […]

Hands on with the Fujitsu iX100 wireless portable scanner

The paperless office? Remember the brave vision of the future predicted more than a decade ago? Well, it’s 2014 and there’s still bits of paper to be filed – but these could easily be transformed in to eco-friendly PDFs, even on the move, thanks to portable cleverness of the ScanSnap iX100 from Fujitsu. Last week […]

Panasonic SH-ALL1C networked audio streamer review

I have had the chance to live with the networked audio streamer from Panasonic called SH-ALL1C. The SH-ALL1C  is a networked audio bridge which packs its own DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) and will let you include a range of speakers in your new multi-room system as well as slurping up sounds from your networked devices. […]