Apple said to be testing 1.5-inch displays for iWatch

It appears that Apple is still testing out the idea of an iWatch with reports coming in that they are trialing 1.5-inch displays. A pair of reports surrounding Apple’s smart watch have been highlighted by Macotakara which appear in today’s edition of Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times. The first report states that Apple has begun sampling […]

Google Glass smartwatch on its way soon

Google Glass has been making the headlines for good, and not so good, reasons but there’s now buzz about the Glass tech heading to your wrist. As per recent reports, the guys at Google are currently spending their nights up, working on a Google smart-watch, as is Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, etc. The Google device, however, […]

Google Glass hacked so can see what you get up to

You probably heard that the creator of Cydia had already managed to jail break Google Glass. Now he’s saying he can hack it and watch what you do as a point of view video. Jay Freeman aka Saurik published a detailed report on how he got passed the Google’s data-wipe security feature. As Google Glass […]

Microsoft smart watch coming from Xbox team

Ok. Who was shocked when I reported that Microsoft was working on a smart watch? Anyone? No? What is interesting though is that the watch will be coming from the Xbox team. According to rumours, Microsoft’s smart watch will be developed by the same folk who are responsible for the Kinect and Xbox accessories. Microsoft […]

Google Glass – Official specs

Google has now released the official specs for Google Glass, as well as the API. The futuristic face-wear will be equipped with with 16GB of Flash memory (12GB of real space), a 5 megapixel camera for stills, 720p video recording, Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth, and a battery that can handle “one full day of typical use”. […]

Microsoft smart watch in the pipeline

The world of Smart Watches is currently the tech space where there seems to be some ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ going on. Apple are rumored to be working on an iOS smart watch, Samsung’s Altius is said to be their Android version and now, according to a recent report, there is […]