Moto 360 wearable wireless charging caught in photos and video

Moto 360 smartwatch

New images of the Moto 360 Smartwatch have been leaked this week revealing the new wireless docking station and cradle that will be available for the Motorola 360 when it launches, enabling users to wirelessly charge their smartwatch when required. These latest and quite glorious images of the Moto 360 smartwatch were published by Italian [...]

Microsoft wearable looks like a very smart watch indeed

windows smartwatch

It’s pretty much a given that Microsoft will be releasing a wrist-worn wearable and not leave the fight just to be between Android Wear and the Apple iWatch. The patent sketches are ok but this latest round of images makes it a much smarter proposition. The watch looks really great and, because it looks like [...]

Apple iTime patent filed – iWatch name change?

apple iwatch itime

Apple is expected to launch their new Apple iWatch later this year but we still really don’t know what it will look like, and there is actually no confirmation that it will be called the Apple iWatch. Now, some new patent filings have been revealed for the Apple smartwatch which have been granted to Apple [...]

Apple iWatch production now delayed

iwatch concept

Have you already added an iWatch to your Christmas list? Perhaps time to rethink that. If you are one of the many Apple faithful who were hoping to unwrap an iWatch this Christmas then you may just be getting an IOU instead. It seems that production of the device, which doesn’t even officially exist yet, [...]

Blocks modular smartwatch runs Android Wear and is on its way

BLOCKS Smartwatch

Remember the Blocks modular smartwatch? Well, it looks as though it’s gone in to production. If you recall the Blocks is like a wrist-bound version of Google’s Project Ara Grey Phone. The choice and versatility offered by modular devices seems to make perfect sense to me. Not only can the device be customised to meet [...]

Microsoft smartwatch will have more sensors than iWatch and work with all OS

microsoft watch

With all the major players looking to squirt out a smartwatch, Microsoft being one of them, the trick will be to offer something that none of the others does. How about cross-platform compatibility? That’s what’s promised by Microsoft. Microsoft’s smartwatch has been rumored for a while and now that it has been recently confirmed as [...]