Apple Watch 2 and smart bands for 2016

Why should Apple release schedule be any different for their Watch? They release new versions of the iPhone, iPad and other kit annually and why not do the same for the Apple Watch? According to a report which emerged recently it seemed that Apple might avoid going down the yearly iteration route for their wearable […]

Moto 360 smartwatch to come in different sizes

I am a fan of the Moto 360 smartwatch. It’s one of the few wrist wearables that have almost seen me join in with the craze – that and the LG G Watch R. It appears that this lovely arm-puter may be coming in different sizes. The Moto 360 was possibly the most stylish Android […]

Samsung Gear A Tizen smartwatch appears at event

Whilst we’re waiting for the Samsung Unpacked event that happens in a few weeks, Samsung has revealed some details about its new Samsung Gear A smartwatch at its Tizen Developer summit today. The last Samsung smartwatch I wrote about was the Samsung Gear 2 Solo, back in May last year. It’s about time for a […]

The UK ORSTO Q2 smartwatch could be a winner

UK-based ORSTO has created and designed a new smartwatch called ORSTO Q2 which they are hoping will compete with the bigger smartwatch manufactures out there even though it will cost a fraction of the price. ORSTO have got the likes of MOTO, Samsung, Apple and LG fixed firmly in their sights as far as their […]

Apple Watch can be reset even without the passcode

Have you made the jump and bought an Apple Watch? Are you still considering one? Well, perhaps you should know that, should you misplace it/have it stolen, whoever picks it up next will be able to use it with no problem at all. Apple’s newest bit of kit might be the wunderkind for fanboys and […]

Tag Heuer and Google join for luxury smartwatch venture

Swiss watchmacker TAG Heuer, along with Google and Intel, are all joining forces to produce a luxury Android Wear watch – there’s no doubt that they have the Apple Watch Edition in their sights. Google has announced this remarkable partnership with Intel and luxury timepiece brand Tag Heuer along with the promise that they will […]