Tag Heuer and Google join for luxury smartwatch venture

android wear tag heur

Swiss watchmacker TAG Heuer, along with Google and Intel, are all joining forces to produce a luxury Android Wear watch – there’s no doubt that they have the Apple Watch Edition in their sights. Google has announced this remarkable partnership with Intel and luxury timepiece brand Tag Heuer along with the promise that they will […]

UBand from Practech is a new spin on smartwatches


As I wandered around the Wearable Technology Show earlier this week, amongst all the smartwatches, one stood out as doing something a little different. This was the UBand from Practech. Yes, there’s the now familiar unibody design but, when you look closer, this wearable is sporting two screens. Not only that, the main screen rotates! […]

LG Urbane LTE 4G smartwatch

lg urbane smartwatch

For some reason smartwatches recently have been nothing more than an extension of your smartphone. This has boggled my mind seeing as though the ‘original’ smartwatches came packing their own SIM. It finally seems that the tables are turning and LG are helping make watches smarter. It’s been 5 years or so since I got […]

Neptune Duo flips the whole smartwatch concept around

Neptune Hub

OK. Smartwatches are usually an extension of the phone in your pocket, right? That’s the accepted convention – up until you meet the Neptune Duo, that is. You see, the Neptune Duo is actually a fully wearable smartphone with a secondary display you can shove in your pocket. Neptune Duo comes in two parts (who’da […]

Montblanc e-Strap adds smarts to real watches

montblanc timewalker urban speed e-strap

Personally I think that ‘proper’ watches will always have a place. To me, a precision Swiss movement remains a work of art no matter what technological advancements are made elsewhere. There are those that head to smartwatches for the extras they have to offer. How about if you could have a respected analogue watch but […]

New faces thanks to Android Wear update

android wear newfaces

You may have already fitted your Android Wear powered smartwatch with a custom face like the Gadgety Roy has done with his Kronus Gigante design, but now there’s more right out of the box. If you’re not so into tinkering as others, then the options for face designs on your Android wearable have been kinda […]