So much tech hidden in Teague and Sizemore’s Denny bike

tteague and sizemore dennyeague and sizemore denny

This gloriously simple looking bicycle is one of the entrants to Oregon Manifest’s competition which has pitted teams of designers and bike builders from five American cities. The Denny, representing Seattle, is the brainchild of design firm Teague and bike fabricator Taylor Sizemore and hides a multitude of tech amongst its understated frame. Looking at [...]

New Russian UVZ tram is equal parts Jawa Sandcrawler and Batmobile

russia one

Could you imagine seeing one of these babies during your stag/hen weekend in Blackpool? Nope, neither can I. This is the UralVagonZavod (thankfully shortened to UVZ) Russia One and it’s as full of tech as it is futuristic looking. The UVZ Russia One looks like what I’d imagine a Sandcrawler would look like if the [...]

Room on top – London buses to get smart maps and seat indicators

london bus parliament big ben

There are plenty of people that find London’s buses tiresome and, ignoring the issues of sharing space with other travellers, the problems of not knowing when to get off for your stop when heading somewhere new and if there’s any space upstairs (on double-deckers obvs) before risking the climb must count as the top pair. [...]

How to build a Jeep fit for Power Wheels Racing

power wheels jeep

There’s a basic tenant in life which is if it can be race then there’ll, sure enough, be a bunch of people racing it. This apparently includes taking a kid’s sit-on toy car and have ‘adults’ thrashing them around a track. This is the Mario Kart-esque world of the Power Racing Series. This is where [...]

Jaguar hunts for classy crims to win an F-Type R Coupe

jaguar british villains

British gangsters arguably became synonymous with class and style in the 60s and, back then, if you were planning the ‘perfect blag’ you’d need the perfect Jag – which would naturally have been the MKII. Now the F-Type R Coupe could be the new kid on the block in these days of the high-tech heist. [...]

The Walmart WAVE could be the sporty future of trucking

walmart WAVE truck

I’m really digging the futuristic design of this WAVE big rig which looks like it could’ve landed fresh from Cybertron rather than Walmart. Walmart has developed the new truck ‘n’ trailer combo in order to create a vehicle that would cut through the air more efficiently and therefor cut fuel use. Something that’s very important [...]