smrtGRiPS – feel your way to your destination and make your bike smart

smrtGRiPS bike

I get that most people these days tend to use a bike for the daily commute, in which case you have probably already got the optimal route there and back memorised. There are others, though, who will take a ride in search of new and exciting places, or simply prefer pedal power to the bus […]

Parrot RNB 6 infotainment system aims to make any car smart

parrot rnb6

I do miss having a car and, even when I was driving around in my 1971 VW Karmann Ghia, I had plans to hide a clever in-car entertainment (ICE) system in it. Should I take the plunge and buy another motor I think I would like to have Parrot’s newly announced RNB 6. Announced at […]

Fly anywhere you want within 4 hours from 2019


It’s going to be a while yet before we can be beamed somewhere so the next best thing would be a super-fast craft which could get you, and another 299 passengers to anywhere in the world within 4 hours. Science fiction? Nope, apparently it’s science face and could be with us in 4 years. This […]

Japanese Maglev train breaking 500km/h with passengers on board – video

maglev shinkansen

Whilst we Brits are getting all hot under the collar because of HS2, or High Speed 2, Japan has just sent a new magnetic levitation (maglev) train along at speeds of over 500km/h. The Central Japan Railway Company is currently running eight days of testing for the Maglev Shinkansen train on a test track in […]

Hoverboards are now real and ready

hendo hoverboard

According to Back to the Future, hoverboards should be with us by next year. Hendo have made this a realty that you can actually own. Thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign the developers are offering up their current working model to pledgers. The board doesn’t look too dissimilar to the one ridden by Marty McFly […]

So much tech hidden in Teague and Sizemore’s Denny bike

tteague and sizemore dennyeague and sizemore denny

This gloriously simple looking bicycle is one of the entrants to Oregon Manifest’s competition which has pitted teams of designers and bike builders from five American cities. The Denny, representing Seattle, is the brainchild of design firm Teague and bike fabricator Taylor Sizemore and hides a multitude of tech amongst its understated frame. Looking at […]