Cuvva phone app dishes out short term UK car insurance

You know those moments when you need to drive a friend or family member’s car but couldn’t because you weren’t covered? Ever needed to put someone on your car insurance and found it a huge drag? Going somewhere at short notice and can’t sort out car insurance in time? Well no more thanks to UK […]

Airbus designs Concorde 2 – London to New York in 1 hour

Airbus has designed the supersonic successor to the now legendary Concorde. Using some clever tech and three different engine types, this aircraft is capable of flying at 4.5 times the speed of sound and get passengers from London to New York in 60 minutes. The Concorde 2 would take off normally from a run way […]

The future of in-car entertainment

The average Brit spends 41 minutes a day behind the wheel of a car – be that commuting to or from work or just nipping to the shops. This soon adds up and you come to realise that a large portion of your life is spent inside your car. Whilst there is technology that can […]

Garmin NuviCam LMT-D – Dashcam loaded SatNav review

A day doesn’t seem to go by without someone posting or sharing some dashcam or helmetcam footage on my Facebook timeline. Once these only appeared to be from Eastern Europe but lately the UK is representing and this aligns with the latest figures that dashcams have seen a 918% rise in sales in the UK […]

Aston Marton DB10 video behind the scenes

As sure as vodka goes with Martini, and Bond with OO7, Walther PPK is matched with Aston Martin. Let’s face it, James Bond would seem odd not having an Aston Martin to hand at some point in a film and the new movie, Spectre, is rocking the new DB10. The Aston Martin DB10 has been […]

Micro Scooters emicro one – world’s lightest electric scooter now available in UK

It must be Autumn as it was almost three years to the day when I last wrote about an electric scooter and today, the awarding winning Swiss innovators at Micro Scooters have unveiled their emicro one. The Micro Scooter emicro one is an extraordinary feat of design, providing an unparalleled method of transport for adults. […]