WalkCar – the laptop sized electric vehicle

WalkCar portable electric vehicle

Whilst we are still waiting for hoverboards to be commercially available there’s mini-segway portable transports. The latest on the block is a departure from the two-wheeled design. Cocoa Motors has unveiled heir portable electric vehicle called the WalkCar which looks like a baking-tray on wheels but has the power and traction to provide a viable […]

Swincar – the all wheel drive, all terrain marvel


No matter how good a 4×4 you have, trials bikes will always be able to get where they can’t. Well, they could until Swincar came about. The Swincar looks like a standard one-person kart or buggy but, when you see it on the move, you’ll notice that it has rather special independent suspension and some […]

Never get a flat tyre again with Hankook iFlex

Hankook iFlex tyre colours

Things are getting better for cars. Better Safety, better fuel efficiency, and better range of prices. One of the things that is set for a full revolution is the tyre. True, handling, profile, liquid dispersion have all improved but, they all still need air. Or do they? Car tyres, as they stand, are still piles […]

This is a portable speaker partymobile – Teufel’s #Thundertruck

teufel thunderturck main

On the road again: Teufel’s largest portable sound system now has the perfect mode of transportation. Don’t miss the Thundertruck with its 8 ROCKSTERS on party tour this summer. What makes a decent party venue? How about thirteen square meters of dance floor, a bar with two refrigerators, add in four smoke machines, and an […]

Lexus have a working hoverboard? #LexusHover

lexus hoverboard

Lexus has revealed that its been working on developing a hoverboard for the past 18 months. I’ve shown you a record breaking hoverboard and the kickstarter campaign which was launched for the Hendo Hoverboard. Now, luxury brand Lexus has announced that it has a similar floating board in development. The Hendo board, if you recall, […]

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank will chew up that Range Rover

ripsaw ev2 guillwing

Designed for the military and now available to the public. The Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank is designed to handle any terrain or obstacle in style. Howe & Howe has announced their new Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) which they are describing as a “high-end luxury super tank”. Well, what else do you buy when you […]