Aston Marton DB10 video behind the scenes

As sure as vodka goes with Martini, and Bond with OO7, Walther PPK is matched with Aston Martin. Let’s face it, James Bond would seem odd not having an Aston Martin to hand at some point in a film and the new movie, Spectre, is rocking the new DB10. The Aston Martin DB10 has been […]

Micro Scooters emicro one – world’s lightest electric scooter now available in UK

It must be Autumn as it was almost three years to the day when I last wrote about an electric scooter and today, the awarding winning Swiss innovators at Micro Scooters have unveiled their emicro one. The Micro Scooter emicro one is an extraordinary feat of design, providing an unparalleled method of transport for adults. […]

Henty Wingman roll-up suit bag for executive cyclists

Looking at how expensive some of the commuter bikes I see during the week, I can only imagine that some of those rucksacks and messenger bags contain a screwed up, yet not cheap, suit. Why not slip your two- or three-piece suit in a bag that has been designed to store your designer whistle whilst […]

Auca luggage makes the perfect band merch table

Travelling generally means that you have to make certain choices – what are you going to take? How many sets of clothes? Do you bring your laptop as well as your tablet and phone? If you’re travelling on business then finding somewhere to catch up with work in between destinations is another thing you have […]

Peugeot Fractal EV with badass bass is a topless beauty

Hatchback or convertible? That is the question – well, for some it is. Peugeot has just dropped me details of its all-new Fractal concept. The Peugeot Fractal has been designed to bridge the gap between hatchback and convertible. The two-door, four-seat concept is described by the French car cobbler as being an ‘urban coupé’ and […]

WalkCar – the laptop sized electric vehicle

Whilst we are still waiting for hoverboards to be commercially available there’s mini-segway portable transports. The latest on the block is a departure from the two-wheeled design. Cocoa Motors has unveiled heir portable electric vehicle called the WalkCar which looks like a baking-tray on wheels but has the power and traction to provide a viable […]