The Walmart WAVE could be the sporty future of trucking

walmart WAVE truck

I’m really digging the futuristic design of this WAVE big rig which looks like it could’ve landed fresh from Cybertron rather than Walmart. Walmart has developed the new truck ‘n’ trailer combo in order to create a vehicle that would cut through the air more efficiently and therefor cut fuel use. Something that’s very important [...]

Mini Metro – plan the underground and lose hours

mini metro

When you’re squeezed in on the tube and ponder whether or not you could do a better job at planning the underground you can now put yourself to the test, thanks to Mini Metro. I’m not talking about the small hatchback built by Austin, I am referring to a neat little simulator game by Dinosaur [...]

Qoros eBiqe electric bike can hit 40mph and last 75 miles

qoros ebiqe e-bike

Qoros has revealed its cross between a mountain bike and e-bikes at the Geneva Motor Show. The imaginatively spelt eBiqe uses a battery and motor along with pedals to achieve speeds of up to 40mph with a 75 mile range. The eBiqe concept might not be game-changing at first look. True, we’ve had pedal/electric hybrids [...]

Renault off-roader is Kwids in with own drone assistant [video]

renault kwid concept with drone

Renault has unveiled their new concept off-road vehicle they have named the Renault Kwid. As well as its smugly futuristic looks it comes fully equipped with a quadcopter drone that checks the road ahead. Renault has designed the Kwid for young customers in India. It’s tiny, at just 3.6m long, and packs in a 1.2l [...]

London buses will go cashless this year

london bus

If you are planning to see London by bus this Summer then you’d better be packing an Oyster Card as all buses in the capital are to go cashless. Transport for London (TfL) bosses say the their move to go to a cashless, Oyster Card-only fleet will save them £130 million. They noted that cash [...]

Northern Line to heat Islington homes

Northern Line

Before moving over to E17, I lived near Camden, London. This meant that, if I was to travel any distance, I had to brave the pleasures of London Underground’s Northern Line – during rush hour. This hot and sticky service may actually have a positive side if plans to use the excess heat go ahead. [...]