Anki Overdrive review – the ultimate slot car / smartphone game mash-up?

You might have already seen my article about Anki Overdrive or even my video unboxing of the Starter kit – now it’s time to get hands-on and see if the futuristic car racing game is all it’s cracked up to be. Anki Overdrive is, in its simplest terms, a smartphone-controlled, Scalextric-style racing game. There are […]

BB-8 is the Sphero droid you can buy tomorrow

The first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser included an astromech droid that looked like a rolling orange soccer ball with the head of R2-D2 on top of it. BB-8 could possibly knock the beloved Artoo off the cutest droid top spot and, as of Friday September 4th, you could have your own BB-8 BB-8 […]

Anki Overdrive is the future of slot(less) car racing – updated

Anki has shown what the future for miniature car racing looks like in the form of their modular Overdrive set. I loved my TCR and Scalectrix sets back in the day and so was quite excited about the prospect of Real FX racing, but Anki brought out their Drive set which gave the tiny RC […]

Revell Quad Cam camera drone review

I have to start this review off my apologising to my contact at Revell. I have had the Quad Cam copter for ages but due to the weather not being kind when I first received it, and then having moving home, I had all but forgotten about it. Now it’s time to put this oversight […]

DIY lightsabers – no tech knowledge needed

This is a step closer to the ultimate dream for most of us – to own our own custom lightsaber. Thanks to a range of adaptive saber parts, you can choose your own parts to build your dream Jedi weapon. Phillip Isherwood at Saber Forge has launched a Kickstarter campaign which enables backers to design […]

Pyro Fireshooter – throw balls of fire from your hands

There are probably more than a few people here who have wondered what it would be like to have super powers – uttering “Flame on!” and being able to fly and shoot balls of flames from your hands, for instance. Well, Pyro can help with the latter. You don’t need to be a superhero/mutant/sorcerer in […]