Your very own radio controlled fire breathing dragon

fire breathing dragon

Whether you have played Dungeon & Dragons, watched as Sean Connery provided the voice in DragonHeart or are addicted to Game of Thrones – you’ll agree that dragons are cool. Controlling a fire breathing dragon is even cooler. How about a jet-powered remote control dragon that flies at 70mph? You don’t need to be gifted [...]

Planning your day at The Gadget Show Live 2014

GSL logo

As you gadgety fans are probably aware, it’s not long now until The Gadget Show Live will be upon us. So, if you’ve not already made plans, perhaps it’s time to do so. The Gadget Show Live, which is held April 9th-13th this year, has managed to establish itself as one of the largest and [...]

Draw working circuits with a Circuit Scribe pen

Circuit Scribe

Forget printing circuits or messing around with ‘breadboards‘: how about something more intuitive? How about simply drawing them instead? You can do just that with this rollerball, which means you can doodle circuits all day long. The Circuit Scribe pen lets you draw smooth lines, which don’t require any drying time, with the ink being [...]

UK eBay gets one hour delivery and click and connect features

ebay logo

Announcements at the London press gathering have brought two new options to getting your hands on those ‘bargains’ you’ve bid for on eBay. Devin Wenig, eBay’s president, has just made some significant announcements for you UK lovers of the online auction site. At today’s London press conference, Wenig has stated that the site is launching [...]

Cloning yourself a bit weird? How about a perfect shrunken version of your partner?

twinkind family

Perhaps you fancy having a clone of yourself or would like to send a loved-one something a bit more physical than a photo. Perhaps you’d like a version of your partner sat on your desk. Why not get a 3D printed version of yourself, a family member, friend, or pet from Twinkind? Using the latest [...]

Aquabot – replacing fairground fish and getting around ‘no pets’ clauses


Speaking as someone that has won goldfish at local fairs and had to send many to the aquatic afterlife via the porcelain gates and hallowed flush it soon became apparent that this was not an ideal way to adopt pets. Now I am much older and living in London there seems to be fewer landlords [...]