Pyro Fireshooter – throw balls of fire from your hands


There are probably more than a few people here who have wondered what it would be like to have super powers – uttering “Flame on!” and being able to fly and shoot balls of flames from your hands, for instance. Well, Pyro can help with the latter. You don’t need to be a superhero/mutant/sorcerer in […]

Revellutions RC Police Car review

revell police car review

Well, it’s getting to that time of year when reviewers start their reviews with “well, it’s getting to that time of year”. In keeping with that tradition I have a rather natty radio controlled Police Car from Revell to put through its paces. This big-wheeled police car is part of the all new Revellutions collection […]

WowWee MiP Robot review – half Segway, half butler

MiP Robot Butler

The WowWee MiP is the latest robot from the makers of Robosapien. The obvious difference is that MiP uses two wheels to whizz around your living room whilst following your commands or just having fun. MiP has recently been doing its thing around my flat for the last few days. The WowWee MiP (Mobile inverted […]

City Wolf Monster Truck by Revell review

city wolf outdoors

One thing I love about writing for GadgetyNews is that, amongst all the top-flight tech and amazing gadgets, on occasions I get to just be a big kid. Yes, I have been playing with the City Wolf by Revell. This red monster truck has been put through its paces both indoors and, where its over-sized […]

Real FX brings the next generation of model car racing

Real FX racing

I remember racing cars around a track in the living-room with great fondness. First was a simple oval Scalextric set-up which slowly grew to a figure 8 track but the need for more competitive and tactical driving meant a change over to the lane-switching of TCR. Now Real FX is looking to bring the next […]

How to build a Jeep fit for Power Wheels Racing

power wheels jeep

There’s a basic tenant in life which is if it can be race then there’ll, sure enough, be a bunch of people racing it. This apparently includes taking a kid’s sit-on toy car and have ‘adults’ thrashing them around a track. This is the Mario Kart-esque world of the Power Racing Series. This is where […]