Portable Widescreen – Vuzix

The AV920 from Vuzix is a wearable virtual 62” big screen that will work with most audio/video devices. So, if your portable DVD screen lacks your home sytems’ wow factor slap these futuristic shades on and bathe your eyes in beautiful, crystal clear high resolution 2D and 3D. The AV920 also works with your video […]

Auntie Beeb now Flashes!

The BBC iPlayer is now available in a Flash version so now it doesn’t matter if your puter works in Windows or not!  It also looks pretty :0)  With BBC iPlayer you can catch up with the programmes from the past seven days you’ve missed or want to watch again by playing them direct on […]

Party Time of the year…….

I’m throwing a little gathering at my place next week and have been musing over what, if I had the cash, would I have to make the party a little better using gadgets and gizmos that I’ve spotted over the last year or so. Sure, I have a decent Hi-Fi set up, the telly needs […]

StarWars toys that SHOULD be made

Here are a few designs of toys that, if we all hassle Lucas and co should get made dammit! The brains behind these toys is fellow Londoner McMorran. “So, what else is there after the destroyed ‘Moisture Farm Playset’?” I hear you scream….  Well you need the charred remains of Luke’s Aunt and Uncle for […]

MGM VOD Orange

MGM has signed a deal with Orange to allow their films to be downloaded in a video on demand (VOD) stylee. Orange customers will be able to download the films, with prices starting at 1 Euro, to their PC or on special set-top boxes. The license lasts for 24 hours and in that time you can watch it […]

Futurama coming back atcha

Matt Groening (left), David Cohen, and Bender the robot at Groening’s studio. Photo: Sian Kennedy David X. Cohen is watching a short animation clip on a computer monitor. It’s a tight shot of two robots’ pelvises. They thrust their cube-shaped midsections together and swap a DVD from one of their disc drives to the other. This, […]