Woolies Backing Blu-Ray!

Warner and New Line have already told HD-DVD where it can go and now the high street giant that is Woolworths has confirmed that it’s backing Blu-Ray all the way as well!! They’re setting up to remove any trace of HD-DVD from their shelves from March and go all out in their support of Sony’s format.  It […]

Digital Killed the Analogue Star

Television is dead – long live television! All you digital-dodgers bewarned!  Your days are numbered.  The big boys have stopped selling anologue goggle-boxes. Curry’s have announced that they are only now stocking digital tellys. Let’s face it;  they’ve been a dying breed for years now, partly due to the imminent switch over that’s taking place […]

Charles Highgrove Hologram in Abu Dubai

Could this be the future of video-conferencing? Charlie recently delivered a pre-recorded speech on the environment as a hologram in a Star Wars stylee to an Abu Dubai audience using only a single camera and projector.  The techs from British firm Musion were able to employ a century-old trick known as “Pepper’s ghost” to record the […]

Shoot a Film – Pistol Camera/Camera Pistol

This is incredibly cool; albeit old-school.  It’s not digital and possibly you’d get arrested if filming in a street – so as well as looking over your shoulder because you haven’t asked permission to film you could have the unwanted attention of the Armed Response Team! That aside – it’s still an uber cool thing to […]

Steve Jobs Reveals All – Air, iPhone, AppleTV, iTunes and the rest!

The MacBook Air is now official! The thinnest laptop ever made.  At its most portley it’s still thinner than the nearest competitor’s thinnest.  That’s small – Size zero in excelsis! Even if you’re an Apple-hater you should give a round of applause for the engineers who built it. At its ‘fattest’ edge (towards the rear – aint […]

iPlayer – 3.5m programmes and counting!

BBC News has provided some pretty interesting stats gathered from the first few weeks of the full BBC iPlayer launch. The hits list comes as no huge surprise with the (disappointing) Doctor Who Christmas Special, Top Gear and the “festive” edition of EastEnders coming out on top. What is interesting, however, is that almost half the content played via […]