Teufel Cinebar Pro soundbar packs a potent punch

German audio giants, Teufel, has announced their new high-end soundbar and woofer duo, the Cinebar Pro. Featuring drivers aplenty as well as four 4K-compatible HDMI inputs it already sounded good on paper. Throw in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for music streaming, we just needed to know more. Teufel Cinebar Pro As televisions get wider and […]

LG 32GK850G gaming monitor review

When shopping for gaming monitors there are certain brands that come to mind. Personally, and I’ll hold my hand up right now, LG isn’t usually one of them. The thing is, I don’t know why. I have long been a fan of their televisions, so why not seek out their monitors?  Looking at the spec […]

TCL brings sub £400 4K TVs to UK

You may know TCL from the reappearance of BlackBerry phones. A major player in the global consumer electronics market, TCL is now revolutionising the television world through its numerous innovations that are now available to UK consumers. The TCL range supports everything you would expect the latest 4K TV would do. They have access to […]

Samsung QLED Q7F 4K UHD TV review

My regular HD TV-viewing has been thoroughly spoiled. The reason being that I have been living with a Samsung Q7F UHD 4K television. Just in time for the World Cup, my review loan of Samsung’s top-flight telly arrived. The Samsung QLED tech is all set to challenge OLED. But, does LCD still have the chops […]

Optoma LH160 wireless portable projector

Optoma has launched a new battery-powered portable 1080p LED projector – the LH160. Perfect for both business and personal use, the slim projector is small and compact so fits easily into a bag or backpack. The Optoma proves not only to be portable, but simple to use. Furthermore, its built-in rechargeable battery provides up to […]

BBC iPlayer won World Cup 2018

The BBC iPlayer World Cup 2018 service was certainly a winner with viewers. In fact, Auntie Beeb fielded a massive 56.3m requests over the tournament. Figures just in from the BBC lists the huge jump in viewing figures from 15.9m requests at Brazil 2014 to 56.3m this year. According to the report, the Sweden v […]