AOC launches friendly-priced 24-inch 4K monitor

We all know that size isn’t important, right? Well, 24-inch monitors might not get the gasp inducing welcome that larger ones get but that’s not to say the 24-incher is going to be short of smarts either. AOC proudly introduce its new U2477PWQ 4K monitor in order to prove this point. The display in the […]

Viewsonic PJD7830HDL DLP HD projector review

The Viewsonic PJD7830HDL DLP is the company’s new flagship digital light processing (DLP) projector. The PJD7830HDL features a bright lamp, boasts accurate colours, Full HD resolution and plenty of ports to connect your entertainment to and I’ve had it at home to review. The PJD7830HDL packs full HD 1080p resolution which is blasted out through […]

Philips Moda LCD AmbiGlow Plus monitor announced

Philips has just unveiled their new 27-inch Moda computer monitor which comes loaded with Phillips AmbiGlow Plus mood lighting technology. The Philips 275C5QHGSW Moda LCD display features Ambiglow Plus technology that provides users with a more immersive viewing experience, offering a lighting system that synchronises with the displayed imagery. Granted, there may be fancier looking […]

Samsung Galaxy View – the tablet that thinks it’s a TV

What the absolute flip? I am all for pushing boundaries and blurring the lines. Larger mobile phones, smaller tablets, phablets, that kind of thing. Now Samsung has unveiled an 18.4-inch screened tablet that’s basically a portable television. Tabelly? I give you The Galaxy View. The Galaxy View is an 18.4-inch portable touchscreen TV that measures […]

Acer Predator X34 curved gaming monitor plays nice with G-Sync and FreeSync

Looking for a gaming monitor that is not only curved but is offered in both NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync flavours? Well, Acer have announced the launch of two new Acer Predator X34 monitors that do just that. The Acer Predator X34 will soon be available and is equipped with a massive 34-inch IPS LED-backlit […]

BenQ XL2720Z gaming monitor review

This is the third BenQ monitor that I have had the pleasure to review. Today I am writing about the XL2720Z – a 27-inch gaming monitor that still packs what a gamer needs but is less painful to your pocket than the XL2730Z. The BenQ XL2720Z has the gamer-friendly tech such as motion-blur reducing mode, […]