New BlackBerry Product List Uncovered

Ok CrackBerry fans! BGR has managed to grab some initial specs as well as product code names for some up-and-coming BlackBerry devices! The BlackBerry products that are being tested and tweaked have the manly aftershave sounding names of Onyx, Driftwood and Magnum. Grrrrrr! BGR ‘acquired’ the name list that is in all probability a list of three different code […]

Wi-Fi Will Kill Bluetooth By Next Year

Wi-Fi could be kicking Bluetooth in to touch within the next year or so. So says this slide swiped by IntoMobile that was produced by Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi Alliance, the trade association that promotes wireless networking, is working on device-to-device connectivity over Wi-Fi which will obviously work at higher speeds than Bluetooth can offer and it should be ready by 2010! […]

Next Gen iPhone Packing 3.2mp Camera

Slashgear have got some interesting news about one of the iPhone’s achilles heals. That camera it’s stuck with aint brilliant although the Flickr stats show that many folk are happy taking pics with it. But, if these Far Eastern sources aren’t telling porkies, Apple may well be fitting the next gen iPhone with a 3.2-megapixel camera, with nothing other than a 5-megapixel […]

Free Nokia Point and Find App – Helps Answer Many Questions

Nokia have just released a beta version on their new Point & Find application which I think is quite special. All you Nok owners will have to do is aim the camera of your Nokia phone at any object as you’re wandering around and the Point & Find app will access relevant data from the […]

Google Latitude – Use Your iPhone To Stalk People

Word is that only a few moments ago Google reaffirmed that they will be releasing the Latitude app for the iPhone. Google has said that it will be released “soon”. As Morrisey once said: “How soon is now?”. Chances are that the (girl/boy)friend-stalking tracking application will appear after the 3.0 firmware update is released. Google […]

Apple Hides Biometric Scanning in iPhone and MacBook Patent

Apple has sent in a patent that AppleInsider have pounced on like a hungry wildcat. The diagram shows how the fruity one plans to hide fingerprint scanners in future iPhones and MacBooks without the need to ruin those minimalist lines that fanboys and girls love. Their idea is to slip the finger scanners under the […]