Google Android Cupcake Has Landed!

T-Mobile has started to push live Android 1.5, also known as Cupcake, to the plentiful G1 Android users over here in the UK and in the states. The 44mb download is expected to be rolled out during the month of May. Amongst the enhancements are the ability to have the onscreen keyboard in portrait mode, […]

TellMe – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 with added Say it and Get it

Microsoft has announced that future Windows mobiles will get speech control functionality, thanks to their subsidery “Tellme”. Said to “simplify” phone control, Tellme is apparently the first such service that will let people press one button and “say what they want and get it”. TellMe isn’t just an app tho, it’s a one-button hub for […]

Android to Drop Google Tag

Android means Google, yeah? Perhaps not for long as handsets might drop the Google branding and allow carriers to bundle their own apps and services, according to a Vodafone exec. As most of us know, the Android OS was born in Google’s idea factory, but, being open source, does mean that anyone can cook up […]

Calgary – Motorola’s Android Phone as Well as Being a Rather Nice Place

Well, with all of these new Android phones being thrown about it takes something special to catch my eye. Motorola’s Calgary – A phone named after my city of birth will do just that! 🙂 BGR says the QWERTY slider will focus on social networking and be slapped onto the Verizon network in the US […]

Google Mobile App – Now With Added Ninja!

There’s something stealthy coming to the new version of the Google Mobile App for iPhone/iPod Touch. The update lists some pretty wacky improvements, notably “Longer Version Number” and “Ninja.” Wha? Ninja? This screen can be seen in the “Update Details” section of the app. I can’t wait to get Ninja’s free with my iPhone! Thanks to […]

Microsoft Project Pink – Phone or Software?

It looks like, as well as a new Zune, Microsoft maybe chucking out a mobile phone. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there’s a super-secret project, codenamed ‘Pink’ , being worked on between the big M and Verizon. The WSJ reckons the phone will be a touchscreen multimedia phone that will feature Microsoft’s version of the Apple […]