Apple iPhone 6S – what you need to know

iPhone 6s camera

While the major hype and buzz has died down since its release several months ago, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus remain the most popular line of phones on the market today. With the inevitable upcoming release of the 6S, what exactly can you expect from the new iPhone 6S and what do you need to […]

Microsoft Hyperlapse now works with older smartphones

Microsoft Hyperlapse

You may recall that I was slightly miffed that my HTC One M7 was not compatible with Microsoft Hyperlapse, that has changed. Typically, now that I am rocking a shiny new HTC One M9, the Hyperlapse video smoothing app has been updated and is capable of supporting older devices that were previously unable loaded with […]

Samsung to bring Tizen to UK

Tizen screens

Samsung has yet to get around to launching a Tizen smartphone in Europe – but it looks like that might be about to change as the company is reported to be getting ready to launch some Tizen smartphones in Europe. Tizen is an open and flexible operating system built from the ground up and is […]

Galaxy A8 is the thinnest Samsung phone yet

galaxy a8 slim

Do you dig Samsung mobile phones but only wish they were a lot thinner? Perhaps you should let the Galaxy A8 in to your life? The Samsung Galaxy A8 might not get props for being the thinnest phone in the world but it’s by no means chunky. The 5.9mm thin Galaxy A8 sports an all-metal […]

Kit Power Banks review – one fits your keyring and one reads SD cards

Kit Powerbanks review shot

Power banks are just like insurance policies. Perhaps not the sexiest way to spend money and, chances are, they’ll sit there unnoticed. But, when you need one – POW! – all of a sudden it’s money well spent. I’ve been sent a pair of these useful bits of tech by the lovely people at Kit. […]

iOS 8.4 and Apple Music lands tomorrow

ios 8.4

Apple Music is launching tomorrow and now Apple has confirmed that they will also be releasing iOS 8.4 tomorrow. As well as releasing iOS 8.4 for Apple Music, the company also confirmed that it will be releasing a new version of iOS 9 Beta for developers that will enable their new music streaming service. Apple […]