Metal and plastic Samsung Galaxy Note 4s could have 3-sided screen

note 4 flex

Samsung’s follow up to the very well received Galaxy Note 3 could give buyers more choice. There are fresh rumours doing the circuit that speak of Samsung preparing a dramatic revamp for the Galaxy Note 4. These whispers claim that there will be two variants of the Galaxy Note 4, one being of a metallic [...]

iPhone 6 release date and spec leaked on Amazon

iPhone 6 sizes mock

Release of the Apple iPhone had normally been in the summer months of June/July, but last year this switched to mid September. Judging by the Amazon screenshot of the iPhone 6 below, it looks like someone was a little trigger-happy with the publish button. The convincing screenshot from Amazon states that the release date will [...]

BlackBerry Passport squares up to conventional smartphone design

blackberry passport

Fed up with all phones following the same overall design? Well, it looks like the BlackBerry Passport is treading its own path. The BlackBerry Passport hasn’t really been officially announced but the BlackBerry blog seems pretty happy with how the previews have been going. The Passport features a unique design and features a 4.5-inch square [...]

In a game of rock, sapphire screen, scissors the rumored iPhone 6 screen wins – video

iphone 6 sapphire glass

There has been much chat about the upcoming iPhone 6 and that it will be sporting a virtually indestructible screen – but just how strong is sapphire glass? Thankfully, Japanese electronics manufacturer, Kyocera, has released a video that shows how strong its sapphire glass screens really are. Spoiler – it smashes rock! The sapphire glass [...]

NomadClip adds that sporty rugged look to your device charging

NomadClip trio

Remember the ChargeKey and ChargeCard from Nomad I reviewed? Now they’re back with another funky way of never being without a charging and sync cable. The NomadClip. The NomadClip, just like its stablemates, is a convenient charging cable but this one is targeted at those urbanites who may cycle around the metropolis or use backpacks [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch date leaked

samsung galaxy note

Plenty of my friends have turned their backs on the Galaxy S4 and picked up a Note 3 instead. Further more of them have ignored the S5 and are eagerly awaiting news of the Note 4. Well, being a good friend, here you are. To many the Galaxy S5 has failed to inspire them to [...]