Skycure uses Wi-Fi to kill iPhones and iPads

iphone 6

iPhones and iPads are at risk of being sent in to a perpetual reboot thanks to a Wi-Fi hack. A newly revealed iOS bug allows anti-Apple attackers to force iPhones and iPads into restart loops through repeatedly crashing and rebooting the operating system, using nothing but a Wi-Fi network. Once the user has entered what […]

LG G4 priced to challenge Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

lg g4 leather video

There’s not much left that we don’t already know about the next flagship smartphone from LG, the G4 – except the price. Well, it looks like we might have that too. The LG G4 is to be made official on April 28th but there already has been leaks aplenty. LG will start selling the handset […]

SBWLY aims to rid us of tangled USB cables

SBWLY colours

After my review of the fab SuperFly USB cable I have been inundated by tips of other sync and charging cables. The one which caught my eye is the SBWLY. We all know the pain of bulky and/or broken charging cables but the brains behind SBWLY have designed a USB charging cable to overcome these […]

LG G4 leather or diamond back smartphone

LG G4 Leather range

Fancy an LG G4 covered in cow? Well, according to a ‘slip’ the LG Android flagship was exposed for all to see. Thankfully Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, shared the LG G4 news on Twitter. Pictures of the LG G4 were snatched by Android Explained and they seem to match the one currently being […]

SuperFly USB cable review

SuperFly Magic Gold USB

As far as accessories go, USB cables are never high on the want list. You need these but they’re never much to look at. SuperFly is upping the game though. Beyond having a choice, mainly black or white, your USB cable tends to be the last thing you think of smartening up.¬†They get shoved in […]

HTC One M8s – a new version of last year’s smartphone

HTC One M8s

Hot on the heels of the HTC One M9 and M9+ is the… errr… HTC One 8s. It looks as though HTC isn’t happy in its quest to compete with Samsung and Apple with design and desirability, but it also wants to grab hold of Apple’s naming convention and Samsung’s confusing product line-up. Yup, HTC […]