RoBoHon is the cute robot phone of the future

Mobile phones are essentially getting quite similar in how they look. How about a cute robot that can interact with users through voice commands, as well as be used as a mobile phone. Sharp has announced that RoBoHon, an 8-inch tall cute-looking robot will be soon available. The 4G-friendly RoBoHon, which has been designed by […]

Is iOS 9 really that popular and is it crashing your iPhone 6s?

We all know that Apple always appears to be the popular kid in class. Recent reports from Apple shows that iOS 9 saw the fastest adoption rate ever for a new release of its iOS smartphone operating system. That makes sense on first reading considering users had plenty of motivation to grab¬†the update quickly – […]

HTC #BeBrilliant Marshmallow event announced

Catching up on my emails after a few days off it appears that HTC has announced a new event which could point to the official outing of the company’s HTC One A9. HTC is hosting an event that’s set to take place at 17:00 on October 20th. The announcement simply says #BeBrilliant and includes a […]

Countering KeyRaider: Protecting your iPhone from hackers

Apple’s reputation for having better mobile device security than its competitors took a hit this summer when hackers stole 225,000 Apple accounts and passwords, Palo Alto Networks security experts disclosed at the end of August. Seeking to download apps and make in-app purchases without paying for them, the hackers created a malware called KeyRaider that […]

Samsung has a bendy folding phone ready for release maybe

Cast your mind back to my article about the Samsung Foldiplay – the folding phone that made its rendered debut back in 2013. Well, we have since seen the Samsung Galaxy Round, LG G Flex, and Galaxy S6 Edge – not exactly what we were promised were they? Hang on though. Things are about to […]

Leaky LG Nexus 5 smartphone has all but been released

Heading towards winning the coveted ‘Most Leaked Smartphone’award is the LG built Nexus 5. Over the last couple of days the interwebs have become awash with pictures and specs of the next Nexus – so much so, I thought I had better write some of it up and get involved with the rumour-mongering. The 2015 […]