YotaPhone 2 – the always on mobile phone

Yota Phone 2

Russian tech company Yota developed a dual screen smartphone which went on sale a couple of years ago. Now they have created the world’s first dual-screen always-on smartphone. Like the original YotaPhone, this mobile combines the features of a premium Android smartphone with the benefits of an Electronic Paper Display so you don’t have to […]

Android M to bring fingerprint scanning

fingerprint scanner

It looks as though Google is aiming to take on Apple’s Touch ID with their own kick-ass digit scanner. Google OS’s security credentials could be getting a hefty boost thanks to the introduction of a standardised fingerprint scanning system. According to rumours surrounding Android M it appears that a native fingerprint authentication system is likely […]

Boost Band – Power your phone from your wrist


Having the thinnest phone or tablet in the world is all very good but that usually means a skinny battery, which also points to having to carry around a clunky external battery pack of some descript. Until, perhaps, now. Enter the Boost Band. A not particularly sexy looking device, but it does have a singular […]

Microsoft Hyperlapse brings extra creativity to Android videos


After a long period of development, Microsoft has released its Hyperlapse app to let users create professional-looking time lapse videos with their phone and they’re sharing the love with Android users. The Hyperlapse app is available for Windows Phone and Android, although the Android version does have a beta tag attached to it so it […]

Nikola Labs to release iPhone 6 case that charges your phone from the air


We’ve all been there, either just before setting off to work, or heading out of the door for a night out, when we grab our phones, only to find them nearly entirely barren of energy. It’s a colossal problem that’s been plaguing mobile phone users for the past ten years or so. But now, there […]

Android Marshmallow, Maltesers or Marzipan?


As most people will know, Android has a considerably sweet tooth. So, what will Android M be called? The current version of Android is called Lollipop, with the previous being tied in with KitKat. Chances are that the next version will start with an M and be announced at Google I/O this month. References to […]