Apple event officially Sept 9 2014 – wish we could say more

apple event 9.9.2014

Apple, in typically cryptic style, has confirmed that it’s holding an event in Cupertino on September 9th 2014. Apple has outed its invites complete with the baffling, but possibly hinting, tagline: “wish we could say more.” The event will be held in the Flint Centre in Cupertino, California, around 6pm UK time where Apple is [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs leaked via online store

galaxy note 4 retail

We all know that Samsung will unveil the Note 4 on September 3rd but, thanks to a retail outlet webmaster having an itchy trigger finger, the official specs appear to have been spluged across the interwebs. According to the Erafone listing, the Galaxy Note 4 will have a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, running at a [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and packaging leaked

samsung note 4 top

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been the victim of numerous leaks – some look like the real deal and others, well, I’ve not even bothered reporting. Here’s the latest that looks possibly legit. Thanks to the standard ‘anonymous tipster’ the images you see here are purported to be the genuine article. If that is [...]

Big iPhone 6 kitted out with a bigger processor

iPhone 6 sizes mock

It has almost been taken for granted that there will be a 5.5-inch and 4.7-iPhone 6 landing come launch day but the differences might well be more than physical size, if the latest rumours pan out. According to “supply chain sources“ it seems that the super-sized Apple blower will also feature a more powerful processor [...]

iPhone 6 launch date released by senior store leader

iPhone 6 sizes mock

I am sure that there’s more than a few of you waiting for the Apple iPhone 6 to arrive. Now we have an exact launch date. Time to get your camping gear out and start queuing Apple fans! It will soon be time for the iPhone 6S rumours to start as the mill only has [...]

FLIR One case gives your iPhone infra red night vision


Yeah – your iPhone 5 or 5S can do many things, but can it help you see in the dark? Well, with the FLIR One case yes, yes it can. Instead of having to strap on some special goggles, you can now enjoy all the sneaky cool things that thermal imaging can give you via [...]