Hands-on with the Honor 7 at UK launch

Honor 7 review

Yesterday saw Huawei’s Honor brand officially launch its latest handset, the Honor 7, in the UK. I was there to witness the spectacle and get up close and personal with the new smartphone. The phone, which replaces the Honor 6, is loaded with a faster processor and bigger screen. Its premium-feel aluminium construction is also […]

Cover-up #WoodBack smartphone case review

Cover Up WoodBack HTC One M9 trio

There’s something special when natural elements are brought together with tech. The hi-fi world knows this and, I guess, LG does with its leather-backed phone. Thankfully, Cover-up has a similar idea but won’t send vegans and vegetarians running for the hills. Let’s take a look at their range of WoodBack smartphone cases. As you have […]

Huawei Nexus 6 is either skinny or packing awesome camera

huawei nexus 6 front

There has been plenty of rumours and renders of the Huawei Nexus 6 smartphone out there on the interwebs but now it looks like some real snaps have appeared. These freshly leaked photos of the Huawei Nexus 6 smartphone shows the design of the handset which more-or-less corroborates the renders – except for an intriguing […]

Want a smartphone that lasts a week before needing a charge?

IE weeklong iPhone 6

As smartphones become more powerful, they need more juice. Fact. Most iPhone 6 owners will rejoice if they manage to get a full day on a single charge, but there is hope. One modified iPhone 6 can last a while week – thanks to hydrogen fuel cells. This slab of gadgety genius is brought to […]

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 review – how much bang for your buck?

SmartUltra 6 Press

Smartphones continue to be supersized and Vodafone has been listening to what its customers are looking for – more screen real estate for apps and improved image quality for multimedia use but they’re also wanting bargain prices. Vodafone’s answer? The Smart Ultra 6. Most of the big phone cobblers are offering large smartphones, whether that […]

Project Ara delayed due to failed drop test

moto ara1blohttp://gadgetynews.com/google-buys-modu-modular-mobile-maker-for-million/gpost

A couple of my buddies gave me the heads up earlier this week that Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone launch would be delayed (thanks Roy and Ant!). The development team have just revealed the reasons why. Personally, I reckon that Project Ara is going to provide one of the biggest potential shake-ups that the smartphone […]