Arcam MusicBOOST improves your iPhone’s audio and battery life

In-keeping with their new one-box solutions, Arcam gave me a sneaky peek at their new MusicBOOST – a slender battery pack, DAC and headphone amp all wrapped up in a slide-on sleeve. The Arcam MusicBOOST is a combined battery pack, digital to analogue converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier built especially for the iPhone 6 and […]

HTC One A9 UK price and availability

The new phone from HTC was announced on October 20th. Originally codenamed the Hima Aero, the One A9 has a 5-inch display topped with Gorilla Glass 4 and has more than little iPhone about it. Whether Apple copied HTC or HTC copied Apple is irrelevant, I will say that HTC did have the metal-body-with-plastic-strips look […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 going totally curved maybe

The Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours have started to pick up again and it looks like Sammy might be going full-on bendy. Although I did state previously that the Galaxy S7 would possibly come with a folding, or at least curved screen, but it seems that Samsung might be ditching the boring ol’ flat screen altogether. […]

Three of the best 3-D printed smartphone accessories

One of the downsides to all of those dominating big brands is that individuality slowly becomes a rarity as businesses start to adjust their aesthetics to be more in line with whatever is selling best. While this does mean that you get a product that is stylish, you also lose a bit of yourself in […]

Nexus 6P now available through Vodafone UK

You know the Nexus 6P? It’s big, and it’s a big deal. 2015’s Nexus continues the lineage of bringing the best and newest features of Google’s Android OS together into one beautiful, premium package, and it promises to deliver this in spades. This year it’s Huawei’s turn to make Google’s flagship device, and it’s now […]

Get a OnePlus 2 smartphone in the UK without needing an invitation

OnePlus is now officially offering their OnePlus 2 smartphone today in a number of countries without the need for an invite and the handset is now available in Europe. I know, right? OnePlus have today announced on Twitter that they are now selling the handset in Europe without their invite system. Europe, it’s your turn. […]