FLIR One case gives your iPhone infra red night vision


Yeah – your iPhone 5 or 5S can do many things, but can it help you see in the dark? Well, with the FLIR One case yes, yes it can. Instead of having to strap on some special goggles, you can now enjoy all the sneaky cool things that thermal imaging can give you via [...]

Proporta aluminium lined leather case for iPhone 5S review

iphone 5s leather aluminum case blue

If you’re looking for something to wrap around your iPhone 5S it’s got to be good and what’s better than a case with added aluminium? The Proporta iPhone 5/5S aluminium lined leather case looks great, feels great and will protect your iPhone 5S in a very classy way. Every part of this case quietly whispers [...]

Amazon Fire smartphone gets the treatment – value for money?

Fire Phone 3d

The team at have cracked open Amazon’s Fire smartphone and not only reveals all the techno gubbins within, but how much the device actually costs to build. Is the Amazon Fire phone worth the money? Read on Gadgety faithful. Read on. Amazon’s Fire Phone enters the mobile market from AT&T (a similar strategy applied [...]

Metal and plastic Samsung Galaxy Note 4s could have 3-sided screen

note 4 flex

Samsung’s follow up to the very well received Galaxy Note 3 could give buyers more choice. There are fresh rumours doing the circuit that speak of Samsung preparing a dramatic revamp for the Galaxy Note 4. These whispers claim that there will be two variants of the Galaxy Note 4, one being of a metallic [...]

iPhone 6 release date and spec leaked on Amazon

iPhone 6 sizes mock

Release of the Apple iPhone had normally been in the summer months of June/July, but last year this switched to mid September. Judging by the Amazon screenshot of the iPhone 6 below, it looks like someone was a little trigger-happy with the publish button. The convincing screenshot from Amazon states that the release date will [...]

BlackBerry Passport squares up to conventional smartphone design

blackberry passport

Fed up with all phones following the same overall design? Well, it looks like the BlackBerry Passport is treading its own path. The BlackBerry Passport hasn’t really been officially announced but the BlackBerry blog seems pretty happy with how the previews have been going. The Passport features a unique design and features a 4.5-inch square [...]