STM Trust laptop messenger bag review

Tablets and smartphones are making being able to work on the move easier but, if you’re anything like me, when you’re going anywhere for a length of time you still find yourself packing a laptop as well as your tablet and phone – especially if travelling for work. This means that there’s still a market […]

Henty Wingman roll-up suit bag for executive cyclists

Looking at how expensive some of the commuter bikes I see during the week, I can only imagine that some of those rucksacks and messenger bags contain a screwed up, yet not cheap, suit. Why not slip your two- or three-piece suit in a bag that has been designed to store your designer whistle whilst […]

Scientists reveal new DVD writing method which allows 40,000 HD videos on one disc

Just when you think that the limits of DVD has been reached, that’s why video went to BluRay after all, then some smart Alec squeezes more out of the format. Plenty much more. Scientists have managed to cram more data than ever onto a single disc. Previously only able to hold 4.7GB, those same discs […]

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 review – next gen media reader has some new tricks

Last year I reviewed the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader and it proved to be a handy little device – but here comes the next gen, or G2, version. Has Kingston managed to improve on an already good device? For those who are unaware, the MobileLite Wireless is basically a mobile storage router. You can attach […]

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX SSD USB hybrid flash drive

I generally carry around at least one decently sized flash drive. But Corsair have just blown the current crop of USB sticks right out of the water with their Flash Voyager GTX. Corsair has basically performed a  mash-up of SSD (solid state drive) and USB stick at Computex with their announcement of the Flash Voyager […]

Unit Portables – modular gadget pockets, pouches and bags

I have just been pointed in to the direction of Unit, a company who produces gear bags that are designed to be used individually or together. Yup, modular bags – but these are stylish. Unit realises that we’re surrounded by stuff and need to take most of that stuff with us. Unit Portables is a […]