Lumoid – Radio Rentals for the Ultra HD generation

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There is a certain thrill when you buy a new gadget but, all too soon, your prized bit of tech is either obsolete or, like the toastie makers and Soda Streams of old, banished to a cupboard never to be used again. Lumoid thinks there’s a better way: Stop buying your gadgets. Rent them. The [...]

Heartbleed – which sites do you need to update your password for?


You have no doubt by now heard about the encryption flaw called Heartbleed. It has already been called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen and has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day. Here’s a quick list of the most popular ones that may [...]

eBay delivers social Collections in a Pinterest-ing way

ebay collections

eBay is revamping its UK website to include a range of features that merges the visual-grouping and social sharing of Pinterest with the thrill of bargain hunting – it is called ‘Collections’. I do a lot of my most frugal shopping through eBay and I have found it the best way to get those more [...]

Planning your day at The Gadget Show Live 2014

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As you gadgety fans are probably aware, it’s not long now until The Gadget Show Live will be upon us. So, if you’ve not already made plans, perhaps it’s time to do so. The Gadget Show Live, which is held April 9th-13th this year, has managed to establish itself as one of the largest and [...]

Get the Flawk on to this excellent Twitter crowd engagement tool

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Twitter has certainly changed the way people, celebrities and brands especially, interact with their fans. The problem is that Tweets aren’t the most engaging way to hold a proper conversation even with the recent addition of linked chats. Flawk is about to change that. Flawk is the great result of 6 years worth of ideas [...]

Spotify releases Guilty Pledgers donation scheme

guilty pledgers

Music streaming service, Spotify, has unveiled the Guilty Pledgers app, a service that allows music fans to donate money to their favourite charity in exchange for adding their guilty pleasure tune to a party playlist. The idea behind the app (that works from within Spotify’s desktop app) is that Spotify users will sign up to throw a [...]