GadgetyNews in UK Blog Award final 10 #UKBA15

UK Blog Awards 2015 shortlisted

Good morning you gorgeous Gadgety faithful. On this crisp winter’s morn I have had to deal with the usual ignorance, self-importance and selfishness on the commute in to the office. As per usual I tried to take it all in my stride, attempting to swap my inner rage against impoliteness for some Christmassy spirit. I […]

Brewie – the smartphone controlled craft beer home-brewery

Brewie in kitchen

Brewie, the easiest home-brewing machine EVER has now been launched on Indiegogo. Craft beers are practically everywhere these days with Micro-Breweries popping up here, there and everywhere. The craft beer industry in the UK alone is increasing a remarkable 79% per year! The thing is, to brew a tasty pint yourself still takes skill, time […]

GadgetyNews up for UK Blog Award #ukba15

uk blog awards

That’s right gadgety faithful. This little blog, which is now in it’s eighth year (it turned 7 on October 30th), is through to the public voting stage of the National UK Blog Awards 2015! Some of you are regulars to this site, where others might drop in occasionally to get an update on what’s happening […]

Creating your online business

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When setting out to create your online business there are a range of things to take in to consideration. Whilst you may already have in mind how your site will look, perhaps it’s time to consider a few other things. Customers Have you actually considered how you are going to get people to your site? […]

Feedly and Evernote down due to ransom demand

Feedly Logo

I clocked off for my lunch-break and headed, as usual, to news feed reader Feedly only to find that I couldn’t connect. It turns out that it is currently suffering a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. The attack, and subsequent downage, has been announced on Feedly’s blog. Users are currently unable to access the […]

Just 10 bucks to possibly appear in Star Wars: Episode VII

lucas and abrams

If you fancy putting on a furry suit or long antennas and appear in the next Star Wars film, then all you have to do is donate $10. Today JJ Abrams has helped announce a new charity campaign run by Disney, Lucasfilm, and his own production company, Bad Robot. The initiative, called Star Wars: Force […]