Your smartphone already has a heart rate sensor like the Galaxy S5

s4 v s5 heart monitors

Sometimes it boils down to one or two bits of functionality that helps you decide on which new smartphone to buy. If you were basing your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on its health and fitness tech like the built-in heart rate sensor, you might want to watch this video first. If you’re in [...]

Solve the cyber hunt and have a crack at joining GCHQ’s code-breakers

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Ever wondered what it is like to work for national security and information systems? A mere 60 years have passed since Alan Turing managed to decipher the encrypted messages sent by the German Enigma machine in WWII. Technology hasn’t stopped evolving since then and the Government needs more brilliant people to follow in Turing’s footsteps [...]

Student figures out how to charge your mobile phone in less than 30 seconds

30 second cellphone charger

Having your phone die mid-conversation or worse, mid a high scoring sprint in Temple Run, is annoying. The wait for it to be fully charged seems ages. Not anymore as an 18 year old student has invented the speediest of phone chargers. Eesha Khare has invented a cellphone charger that is capable of charging a [...]

World’s first website back at its original address

cern original site

When you mention CERN these days, most people will think “large hadron collider” but the clever folks over at CERN were also responsible for devising the fundamental web standards. As part of celebrating the World Wide Web’s 20th birthday they’re bringing back the first ever website to its original URL. Officially, the first website was [...]

Medi-Gel becomes reality with blood stopping Veti-gel [video]


Chances are that you’ve seen a multipurpose healing gel in games or a sci-fi flick. Thanks to a New York University student, it has become a reality. Veti-Gel, the name given to the healing goo by NYU student Joe Landolina, uses plant polymers that rapidly solidify when applied to open wounds. Unsurprisingly, the clever gel [...]

Defense Distributed are ready to test 3D printed downloadable guns

3D printed gun

A firm looks to be setting up production of 3D printed weapons. Defense Distributed is a cooperative, non-profit organisation, designed to help create a blueprint for a 3D gun which they say will be ready to test before the end of the year. Cody Wilson, spokesperson for the company which plans to create the ‘Wiki [...]