Optical Express – online tool shows your poor vision and laser potential

As a spectacle wearer, there’s a range of things which annoy me. Hipsters wearing frames with plain glass lenses, how my glasses steam whenever there’s a change from cold to hot atmosphere, how VR only seems to aimed at those with 20/20 vision and that I am expected to spend a small fortune on corrective […]

Stanford Uni moves closer to replacing computer wires with light

We all know that optical fibre broadband is faster than the internets coming down wires, don’t we? It therefore stands to reason that using light to carry data in your computer will make it speedier too. Engineers at Stanford University have created a barcode-like silicon chip that can bend light, moving one step closer towards […]

US Navy is equipped with laser cannon in Persian Gulf

The US Navy has taken its prototype laser weapon out to the Persian Gulf. This thing can easily tear through drones. The seven year project which has cost $40 million to develop has been sent with the US Navy who are out on patrol throughout the disputed Persian Gulf. The Laser Weapon System (LaWS) prototype […]

Just 10 bucks to possibly appear in Star Wars: Episode VII

If you fancy putting on a furry suit or long antennas and appear in the next Star Wars film, then all you have to do is donate $10. Today JJ Abrams has helped announce a new charity campaign run by Disney, Lucasfilm, and his own production company, Bad Robot. The initiative, called Star Wars: Force […]

Your smartphone already has a heart rate sensor like the Galaxy S5

Sometimes it boils down to one or two bits of functionality that helps you decide on which new smartphone to buy. If you were basing your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on its health and fitness tech like the built-in heart rate sensor, you might want to watch this video first. If you’re in […]

Solve the cyber hunt and have a crack at joining GCHQ’s code-breakers

Ever wondered what it is like to work for national security and information systems? A mere 60 years have passed since Alan Turing managed to decipher the encrypted messages sent by the German Enigma machine in WWII. Technology hasn’t stopped evolving since then and the Government needs more brilliant people to follow in Turing’s footsteps […]