Watch an indestructible walking robot survive fire, ice and a car

indestructible robot

That’s it. Game over. First there’s walking robots who can understand who’s talking and respond in two languages, then robotic war dogs and even kangeroos. There’s even been terminator-style robot soldiers and prison guards. There’s robot spy birds and even hummingbirds! Now some big brains have created an indestructible robot. Is humanity finished? So, a [...]

WowWee MiP Robot review – half Segway, half butler

MiP Robot Butler

The WowWee MiP is the latest robot from the makers of Robosapien. The obvious difference is that MiP uses two wheels to whizz around your living room whilst following your commands or just having fun. MiP has recently been doing its thing around my flat for the last few days. The WowWee MiP (Mobile inverted [...]

Next gen Honda ASIMO robot is even more human-like

new asimo robot

Fancy having your own robot personal assistant which is able to act interact in an almost human way? Well, that day has just got a whole lot closer thanks to the latest version of ASIMO from Honda. Honda has just unveiled a new-and-improved ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) robot in Belgium. The cute humanoid [...]

R2-D2 virtual keyboard – your only hope

R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

It might not be as swish as the AR keyboard spotted for the Samsung Galaxy Glass but how could you not fall in love with a virtual board being projected by the adorable Artoo? The Rebel Alliance’s favourite, if sometimes bad tempered, Astromech droid – R2-D2 – is now available to assist you with tablet [...]

Robot kangeroo – are we watching a military mechanical marcupial?


Here on GadgetyNews you’ve seen robots that wander around art galleries at night, fly ahead to warn you of what’s on the road beyond, become your buddy, and those that have been developed for military use – such as Big and Little Dog and the awesome Atlas killer bot. The latest robotic animal I have [...]

Control robots to view Tate art after hours

tate robots

If you can’t sleep at night but fancy wandering around the Tate when its closed then you are very much in luck as you will be able to remotely control a camera-clad drone around the exhibits. Anyone with a working Wi-Fi connection will be able to sign up to pilot light- and camera-equipped robots around [...]