Human or Robot? A World of Man Vs. Machine

In 2014, a popular YouTuber named CPG Grey created a video called “Humans Need Not Apply,” where he explains the unfortunate future of robots taking over human labor. He quickly points out (what we assume) is the obvious: Of course, technology takes over low-skilled, labourious jobs, but white collar technology careers will always be around. […]

RoBoHon is the cute robot phone of the future

Mobile phones are essentially getting quite similar in how they look. How about a cute robot that can interact with users through voice commands, as well as be used as a mobile phone. Sharp has announced that RoBoHon, an 8-inch tall cute-looking robot will be soon available. The 4G-friendly RoBoHon, which has been designed by […]

BB-8 is the Sphero droid you can buy tomorrow

The first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser included an astromech droid that looked like a rolling orange soccer ball with the head of R2-D2 on top of it. BB-8 could possibly knock the beloved Artoo off the cutest droid top spot and, as of Friday September 4th, you could have your own BB-8 BB-8 […]

Now there’s special ammo for drone hunting

Looking to clip some of those Amazon drones? Want to protect your privacy from prying eyes? Have you got the right shot? Don’t settle for any old bullets, you need Drone Munition. Drone Munition is the brain-wave of Snake River Shooting Products and they’re warning drone owners to Prepare for the Drone Apocalypse!” The Idaho-based […]

Boston Dynamics let their dog bot and Atlas out of the lab!

If you’ve been keeping up with the next generation of military bots you know that things are getting mighty advanced – and a little bit scary. Boston Dynamics is the brains behind these awesome robotics projects and now there’s new footage showing their machines in action. For some reason it doesn’t exactly make me feel […]

MIT’s Cheetah robot now leaps over walls

You may be already familiar with Big Dog and Little Dog and, even though they do look intimidating, I always felt safe in the knowledge that, should I ever be chased by one, I could just leap a small wall and thwart their plans. MIT have now developed their super-speedy Cheetah robot to include a […]