Tomy GX Buggy Hands on Review – Small, Speedy and Simply Fun

I can’t believe that something so small can bring such joy. Nope, this is not the opening line to a ‘Carry On’ film – I’m talking about the GX Buggy from Tomy. The GX Buggy is a micro remote controlled car and I’ve been blasting this thing around the flat and on the garage roof […]

HTC ChaCha Hands on Review

I’ve been living with the HTC ChaCha for a few weeks – so, is the touchscreen QWERTY keyboard touting, Android powered, Facebook-buttoned phone a huge socially aware hit, or just a maybe? The ChaCha was released alongside the Salsa at the Mobile World Congress in February – both the Salsa and the ChaCha have dedicated […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Hands on Review

If you’ve been eyeing up the Samsung Galaxy S II for your kids (or your parents for that matter) and think that it might be a bit too much phone for them – or if you like the sound of the S II but you’d rather have half of one – You need to get […]

Crane Laptop, Tablet and DJ Stand Review and Exclusive UK Special Offer

When I was contacted to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a laptop stand I wondered what I could possibly write about it. Then a package arrived from Washington, in it was a neat carry bag that didn’t look like it could carry anything substantial – let alone a stand. The Crane stand is […]

HTC Desire HD Hands on Review

When HTC released the Desire people were very happy with the 3.7-inch screen. Then HTC released the Desire HD and supersized that baby to 4.3! The larger screen retains the same WVGA resolution, 480×800 pixels, of its little bro but the larger screen doesn’t look blurry or low-res. Granted, it’s not up there with the […]

Nokia N8 Hands-on Review – Media Darling or Symbian Simpleton?

I’ve liked the Nokia’s that I’ve previously owned and it was only Apple’s iPhone 3G that dragged me away. Now I’ve been allowed to live with Nokia’s N8 and I was looking forward to what they’ve managed to come up with since I left. The N8 appeared in stores in October 2010 and I definitely […]