GadgetyNews finalist for Tech Blogger award #BLAwards2015

Yesterday I received some very exciting news – could GadgetyNews possibly stop always being the bridesmaid and never the bride? Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of what I have achieved so far with GadgetyNews. Over the past eight years I have watched the readership grow as well as my list of contacts […]

Punk and Lizard launches online PlayStation magazine

Anyone that has been visiting GadgetyNews and is a fan of all things PlayStation will be familiar with Punk and Lizard’s reviews that have appeared on here. As well as their own site, they now have an online magazine. Punk and Lizard magazine looks great and covers all things PlayStation – whether on PS4 or […]

GadgetyNews is five years old today! 30/10/12

This is a very special moment for me. 5 years ago I posted up the “Hello world” post which signalled that what started as Jay Garrett’s Gadgets on a temporary hosting was making an important move. 5 years and 4,300 posts (give or take a couple) later, I am thankful and, frankly amazed by the […]

BERG Little Printer – Personalised Paper Internet Updates – The Papernet?

I don’t know about you (but I’m sure we’re a bit similar) but my morning routine usually consists of checking emails, tweets and RSS feeds on my phone whilst balancing a coffee in the other hand. How about going back to the papernet? London-based design team BERG in collaboration with Foursquare, The Guardian, Nike, ARUP, […]

Loan a Kindle e-Book for Free

If you’ve read your e-book and want to share then Amazon will allow you to do just that. The Kindle is already an Amazon best seller but this could be that extra push some fence-sitters need. The new scheme allows owners of e-books to lend their purchases out to anyone they want – whether they […]

PocketBook Colour Gaming e-Readers

PocketBook is certainly pushing hard with its latest annoucement. There will be no less than five models being released at IFA in September. That gang includes a pair of entry-level ProBook 602 and 902 units, as well as the ProBook 603 and 903 premium numbers. The 60x designated models will be packing 6-inch screens, while […]