Tech Days – Day 2: Coding for Pleasure and Starting a Business is Kinda Like Falling Overboard

Check out the video below that has Sara Allison from Underbelly talking to Rob Miles, Lecturer at Hull University, about actually coding for fun (!?) and how easy making games for the Xbox using XNA is. Colin Bird, Director of RippleRock tells everyone that the water’s not that cold once you’re in – advice about […]

Missing Star Wars Scene Shown – Luke Building Lightsaber

There’s been a couple of noteworthy announcements made over at the Star Wars Celebration V event in Florida. George Lucas has unveiled the news that there will be a full Blu-ray box-set and excitingly has aired a missing scene from Return of the Jedi that shows Luke making his lightsaber a cave on Tatooine! The […]

Reason for Cost of TV Licence Revealed – BBC Has Lost £240,00 Worth of Gadgets

Yesterday I found myself trying to defend the price of the TV licence but after finding out that part of this revenue goes to staff that can’t remember where their BBC issue tech is I’m not so sure I want to keep on paying. It turns out that workers at the Beeb have managed to […]

GadgetyNews iPhone App – Smartphone Friendly Gadget News

There’s been a number of you asking for a phone-friendly version of this here site as the videos in the side-bar wouldn’t load on your Apple devices because they were flash-based. Others would just prefer a mobile version simply to avoid the zooming in and out mullarky in order to read the “well written and […]

Women Get Store to Smash Tech – No Men Allowed

Now ladies – how many of you get so frustrated, angry and downright p!$$ed off that you just want to smash up a whole bunch of tech? How about taking a baseball bat to a HD television for instance? Don’t ruin your own room though – just head down to the shopping centre……….. Wait a […]

Get Your Ready Meals, Monster Munch and Beer from Amazon UK

I’m just about to file this in the ‘Things that will never happen’ drawer when a cursory glance turned into amazement. Amazon is actually selling groceries from its UK site. Yup – Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado and the rest have a new online shop buddy. There’s a fair range of stuff there as well – […]