GadgetyNews iPhone App – Smartphone Friendly Gadget News

add gadgetynews to home screen

There’s been a number of you asking for a phone-friendly version of this here site as the videos in the side-bar wouldn’t load on your Apple devices because they were flash-based. Others would just prefer a mobile version simply to avoid the zooming in and out mullarky in order to read the “well written and […]

Women Get Store to Smash Tech – No Men Allowed

girls have a smashing time

Now ladies – how many of you get so frustrated, angry and downright p!$$ed off that you just want to smash up a whole bunch of tech? How about taking a baseball bat to a HD television for instance? Don’t ruin your own room though – just head down to the shopping centre……….. Wait a […]

Get Your Ready Meals, Monster Munch and Beer from Amazon UK

amazon uk does beer

I’m just about to file this in the ‘Things that will never happen’ drawer when a cursory glance turned into amazement. Amazon is actually selling groceries from its UK site. Yup – Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado and the rest have a new online shop buddy. There’s a fair range of stuff there as well – […]

The Internet is Over – So Says Prince!


I’ve been a fan of Prince for years! I was blown away by his performance at the O2 back in 2006 and I will stand my ground when people declare lesser musicians and performers as being better than the little fella. But, my love for his Royal Purpleness is being tested folks. Mr Alphabet Street […]

Spyder III Laser Attacked by George Lucas – Remove it You Must


Wicked Lasers have constructed a real powerful light sword by utilising the blue-laser diode of a dismantled Casio projector. Yup, for $200 you can own a Spyder III Pro Arctic portable laser that can actually cause blindness and set you, and anything else for that matter, on fire practically instantly! This isn’t something to re-enact […]

Sahara Solar Farm to Power Europe in Five Years

Sahara Solar Power Europe

It has been quite warm and sunny here in London town and just think of all that solar power we could be collecting. What if we could harness all that sunshine from the Sahara Desert and pipe it through Africa and into Europe – that would be sci-fi though wouldn’t it? Well…… European Energy Commissioner, […]