DB Bass Elbee 10 portable bass cab review

Some of you may be aware that I am a bass player. It has been a while since I’ve reviewed any bass gear, but then it’s been a while since I’ve needed to, GigBlade aside. Until I met the DB Elbee 10. Way back I moved from a rather imposing Hartke rig in favour of […]

Hi-res Maiden – Iron Maiden albums now available in lossless audio

The first album I bought was Live After Death and my first large gig experience was seeing Iron Maiden on their Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour so this news, for me at least, is great as Onkyo & Pioneer Innovations have announced that they have exclusively released the Iron Maiden albums in hi-res audio. The […]

Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Madonna, Jack White and friends bring #TIDALforAll

An impressive array of music artists have all just signed a declaration to regain control of music, and how it is delivered. At a press conference in New York City Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter and a huge group of music stars took the stage to officially relaunch TIDAL, the streaming music service he recently acquired […]

The Chord Company Cream instrument cable review

The Chord Company have made their name by producing some very impressive, not to mention expensive, audiophile grade Hi-Fi cables. It was with some interest that I noticed that they also make cables for instruments. Could they actually make a difference? The Cream Cable (guess what colour it is) is typical of how The Chord […]

Korg revives classic ARP Odyssey synth

I attended Korg’s official UK launch of the highly-anticipated ARP Odyssey reissue in a Soho basement beneath a record shop. Matt Berry was on duty to introduce the BBC Radiophonic Workshop live performance and guests came from as far as the planet Skaro. Who says that life at GadgetyNews is boring? Korg chose the cavernous […]

Record sleeve turns in to Bluetooth DJ controller

Bringing the worlds of physical media and digital gadgety goodness together, QBert’s album sleeve doubles up as a DJ controller via Bluetooth and an app. Vinyl is continuing to make a resurgence even though people like me never stopped using it. DJ QBert has brought together all the good things that vinyl brings as well […]