Last chance for revolutionary GigBlade gig bag pre-order deal


It has been a while since I’ve been excited by something that’s actually useful. Sure, amps, cabs and basses will always getting me wanting but a gig bag? Really? But the GigBlade from Gruv Gear is no ordinary bag. Carrying your bass or guitar from one gig to another can be awkward and sometimes, quite [...]

Spotify releases Guilty Pledgers donation scheme

guilty pledgers

Music streaming service, Spotify, has unveiled the Guilty Pledgers app, a service that allows music fans to donate money to their favourite charity in exchange for adding their guilty pleasure tune to a party playlist. The idea behind the app (that works from within Spotify’s desktop app) is that Spotify users will sign up to throw a [...]

Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 review

portable vocal booth pro 2

Recording music when you live in a tiny London flat presents a range of challenges. As well as the lack of space, recording vocals in particular can be tricky. Would the Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 from Editors Keys make a difference? Vocal booths eliminate and absorb echo, dampen outside noise and ensure that you [...]

Korg revives the keytar with the RK-100S

Korg RK 100S Keytar

With the apparent 80s revival still happening around us it seems fitting that the must have keyboard, usually paired with a Yamaha DX7, the Korg RK100 is making a comeback. First launched back in 1984, the iconic Korg RK-100 remote keyboard brought a new and innovative way to play keys. No longer would the keyboard [...]

Beats Music service launched and coming to UK soon

beats music

Hippity-hopster and ubiquitous earwear head honcho Dr Dre has launched his Spotify-rivalling streaming service, Beats Music, today in the US with the promise that its recommendations will be more accurate than other music services. As expected Beats Music has today launched its online subscription service today to take on the likes of Pandora, Spotify, Rdio [...]

Home recording: Vocal Booth Pro 2 released by Editors Keys

vocal booth pro 2

Editors Keys today launch the Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2, a home recording tool that’s the answer to your home recording acoustic conditions and guarantees perfect home recordings every time. Home recording is the best way for independent artists to get their music out there and is now more popular than ever, with people becoming [...]