Gibson Memory Cable shoves a digital recorder in to your guitar lead

gibson memory cable

When noodling around on your guitar I am pretty sure you’ve probably come up with a great progression or harmony line and thought to yourself “I’m digging that, I’ll remember that for sure” only to not play it again, turn up to rehearsal and go blank. Gibson’s Memory Cable wants to help you out. Gibson […]

High Fidelity Pure Audio showcase of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

HFPA Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

You know all of that space on a Blu-ray disc (50GB if it’s dual layer)? What would happen if all of that was taken up with fat wadges of audio data? Well, that’s what High Fidelity Pure Audio is and me and few others were treated to a show and tell held at Metropolis Studios […]

Objest Quip – possibly the most stylish home Bluetooth speaker

quip minifig head

Objest is a London-based purveyor of “audio objects” and is looking to bring its latest design for a Bluetooth speaker, called Quip, to market with your help. The company is based in Shoreditch, just down the road from my office, and has designed the Quip to fit in to your living room and the pillow […]

Copying your legit downloads to CD is now legal in UK


Ever make a mix CD for a road-trip or for a house party you were throwing? Up until now, you were being naughty and a tad illegal. Even backing up your music to CD would have you labelled as some criminal mastermind. New laws mean that from 1st June 2014, it will no longer be […]

Kyub mini maker synth with feather touch and accelerometer


Synth fans, there’s a new open sourced instrument called Kyub it looks pretty cool. This new open source midi keyboard kit called the Kyub (pronounced cube) offers users a feather touch three-dimensional midi keyboard complete with accelerometers and other neat stuff. The Kyub has been designed as a kit that can be assembled at home by just […]

Create your own vinyl record pressing from digital tracks

cut vinyl from mp3

We are all now familiar with the vinyl to MP3 digitisation of your music collection but what if you miss that warmth and occasional crackle of vinyl? What if you could send your digital music to record? There is a guy who has made a device that makes it easy to press audio files into […]