Tidal to stream HiFi quality audio


There’s a new music streaming service in town, it’s called Tidal and it’s packing a secret weapon – Instead of dishing out the usual MP3, AAC or OGG files, Tidal streams lossless FLAC files that offer several times the bitrate of most other music services. Tidal, the new audio streaming service from WiMP HiFi, will […]

Apple iPod Classic sent the way of the Walkman

apple ipod classic finale

Apple has cunningly used the diversionary tactics of announcing huge iPhones and a swanky wrist-based peripheral in order to kill off one of its classics. Literally. The iPod Classic. That’s right. Apple has quietly taken the iPod Classic around the back of the company’s Cupertino HQ and ‘discontinued’ it. Permanently. It’s almost as though the […]

UK pirates now to get away unpunished


The new voluntary copyright alert programme (Vcap) will see naughty pirates get issued with up to four warnings annually if their broadband connection is known to be unlawfully sharing files. What happens if you ignore these warnings you may ask? Nothing. You read correctly. As of next year if, after four warnings, the perpetrator continues […]

SoundSight live video streaming headphones – the musician’s next social media weapon?


If you want to take video footage from your point of view you can strap a GoPro to your head or, for a quick clip use Google Glass. Now, there’s some headphones that will livestream what you’re seeing and hearing. Could SoundSight be the next social tool for musicians? SoundSight has packed in a 1080p […]

Apple to complete cheaper Beats deal this week


After the news that the deal between Beats and Apple was on hold for various reasons word is that it could all be signed and sealed this week. The multi-billion dollar deal between Apple and Beats that’s set to make the first billionaire hip-hop artist stalled for some reason. One of those reasons has been […]

Beats bought by Apple for $3.2 billion confirmation


You may have heard the rumour mill churning out that Apple was looking to by Beats Audio in a deal worth a tasty $3.2 billion. It seems that this has now been confirmed. The confirmation came from Rapper and Actor Tyrese Gibson’s Instagram account, who posted a photo of himself and Dr Dre, where he […]