Geek Out V2 mini headphone amp/DAC launches in UK

LH Labs via Audiobility are launching their new High end mini Headphone Amp/DAC in to the UK – the Geek Out V2. To celebrate this initial launch in the UK , they will be offering a 15% discount via their Indiegogo page with delivery before Christmas. Geek Out V2 paves the way for the future […]

New Apple iPod Touch rocking 8 megapixel camera

We have been hearing rumors about the new iPod Touch over the last few week, the device is now official and it has had a number of upgrades over the previous model. Apple’s new iPod Touch comes with the same processor that is found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the Apple A8 processor. […]

KitSound Arcade Bluetooth headphones

If you’re looking for some headphones that won’t break the bank and work without wires then the new Arcade headphones from KitSound might be just the job. According to the press release, the Arcade cans fuse retro design with modern, high quality wireless audio. KitSound promises that the Arcade headphones will deliver rich sound with […]

BassBuds 24 carat gold collection wins gift accolade

If you like a bit of bling then you’ll be happy to hear that BassBuds luxury gold in-ear headphones was selected as a ‘highly commended’ product by the judges in this important industry review. These limited edition 24 carat gold set of ear pleasers are the newest luxury item to be added to the BassBuds […]

Veho releases 360° ZS-2 water resistant sports earphones

Veho has announced its new 360° ZS-2 Water Resistant Sports Earphones for all you sporty types. The Zs-2 earphones are designed to give you high quality sound and comfort whether you are working out in the gym, training on the track, trekking the mountains or simply commuting to the office. The small and lightweight UK […]

Sony release audiophile SD Card – can I smell snake oil?

I will openly admit that I am slowly opening up to the idea that there are things that can make your audio better, things that I was originally skeptical about. Where I have experinced first hand the difference some HiFI interconnects can make, I am still unconvinced by their digital brethren. Now Sony is trying […]