PlayStation TV and UK price announced

PS Vita TV

The PlayStation Vita TV micro-console released in Japan last autumn is now heading to the US and Europe later this year. The PS Vita TV will come to us re-badged as ‘PlayStation TV’ and will swap its white covering for black. The aim of Sony will be to use the PlayStation TV as a gateway […]

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub – your phone will replace all your remote controls

logitech ultimate hub

Logitech has announced the launch of their new Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub which has been designed to transform your smartphone into a multifunctional remote control. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub is a new “appcessory” which allows iPhone and Android users to ditch the range of remotes they’re currently surrounded by in favour of using their phone […]

Microsoft beats Apple and Google to grab home automation company R2 studios

r2 for android

A few weeks ago it broke that Microsoft, Apple and Google were all trying to woo id8 Group R2 Studios with plans to acquire the home entertainment and automation startup. Well, it seems that Microsoft are the winners. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft has sealed the deal which will see the Redmond […]

Steve Jobs tribute takes over Apple homepage – 1 year on

steve jobs anniversary

I knew something was going on this morning. The fact that it’s the first anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs seems to have been the reason for the earlier outage. A year on from the death of Apple’s entrepreneur a video tribute and a message from Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has […]

New Apple TV gets Live Streaming, Social Smarts and iPad Interface

apple tv screen

Details of what Apple has in store for the new Apple TV have gotten out and it sounds like tweaks to services and it’s interface are on the cards. Could it also be paving the way for the much talked-about Apple iHDTV? The next version of Apple TV will feature live streaming, an iPad-style interface, […]

Acer Olympic Internet Lounges – Free Cyber Cafes for International Athletes

acer olympic lounge

As the athletes’ villages open here in London, Acer is ready to provide a key service to the athletes in the shape of its internet lounges. As athletes start to arrive in London and other Olympic venues across the country Acer is ensuring that they all have a means to contact home as well as […]