The future of tablets: Behind the fold

Tablets haven’t been getting much love recently. With the rise of the ‘phablet’ – the combination of a smartphone and a tablet into one device that will render your need for either obsolete – the saturation of the consumer market and less incentive to replace current devices with newer models, the tablet’s decline shouldn’t really […]

Apple iPad Pro sales start this week

Apple’s super-sized iPad Pro was announced last month but its official sale date has only just been announced. Apple has said that it might take a few additional days for the iPad Pro to make it into its retail stores, but online sales will begin on Wednesday. The newest version of the Apple slate comes […]

Samsung Galaxy View – the tablet that thinks it’s a TV

What the absolute flip? I am all for pushing boundaries and blurring the lines. Larger mobile phones, smaller tablets, phablets, that kind of thing. Now Samsung has unveiled an 18.4-inch screened tablet that’s basically a portable television. Tabelly? I give you The Galaxy View. The Galaxy View is an 18.4-inch portable touchscreen TV that measures […]

Lenovo Yoga 700 specs, UK release and prices

Following on from last weeks announcement of the Lenovo Yoga 900 series laptops and desktop PCs, Levnovo has just announced the Yoga 700. The new Yoga 700, like its 900 stablemate, is a premium Windows 10 convertible laptop with four usage modes (laptop, stand, tent, tablet). It comes in two flavours, 11-inch and 14-inch, and […]

Geek Out V2 mini headphone amp/DAC launches in UK

LH Labs via Audiobility are launching their new High end mini Headphone Amp/DAC in to the UK – the Geek Out V2. To celebrate this initial launch in the UK , they will be offering a 15% discount via their Indiegogo page with delivery before Christmas. Geek Out V2 paves the way for the future […]

Acer Predator range London launch, UK release dates and prices

Not everyone has the time, patience or know-how to put together their own gaming rig. If you are looking for an off the shelf solution then the latest range from Acer’s Predator series may be right up your high street. Along with these desk top PCs were the new laptops and monitors. I was off […]