MSI GT80 Titan gaming laptop packs mechanical keyboard

MSI GT80 Titan

Gaming laptops, no matter how potent, always have to make one compromise – the keyboard. Not so with MSI’s latest gaming laptop, the GT80 Titan. Any PC gamer will tell you that mechanical keyboards are where it’s at. Even I, with the limited amount of time I have free to game, am equipped with a [...]

Pi-Top – the 3D printed Raspberry Pi laptop kit

pi top laptop

The Raspberry Pi has taken the maker world by storm. From what was once a modest crowdfunding project has turned in to the gadgety tweaker’s must-have. The latest mod is named the Pi-Top and will convert your little puter in to a fully featured laptop. Following the PiPhone and the refreshed ZX81, the Pi-Top is [...]

Apple unveils new iPad Air 2 and newish Mini 3

ipad mini 3

Apple has just revealed the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 at its press event last night stating that they feature “technology jam packed” in to an “incredibly thin and light package”. Do they live up to the hype? Well, I’m not too convinced. iPad Air 2 Starting off with the iPad Air 2, [...]

Apple Pro Mac iPad mash-up rumoured

ipad mac ios

I have a fairly constant stream of ‘tablet ambivalence’ running through this site. I do like them, I have tested a few and have usually enjoyed my time with them but, for me, they’re mostly just large phones that you can’t even make a call from. Now, the Surface Pro and such. They’re useful. I [...]

New MacBook Air – fanless, USB Type C and iPhone coloured

new macbook air

Remember when I reported the rumour that the next MacBook Airs will run silent because they won’t be packing fans? I have even more to add now. You may have read that there are whispers in the tech world that Apple might offer the new 12-inch MacBook Airs in the same hues as its iPhones. [...]

Hands on with the Fujitsu iX100 wireless portable scanner


The paperless office? Remember the brave vision of the future predicted more than a decade ago? Well, it’s 2014 and there’s still bits of paper to be filed – but these could easily be transformed in to eco-friendly PDFs, even on the move, thanks to portable cleverness of the ScanSnap iX100 from Fujitsu. Last week [...]