VAIO Z Canvas hybrid laptop tablet lands with Apple designer pricetag

Yes Gadgety faithful, the former PC division of Sony is kicking off business all by itself and it is definitely not going bargain basement. The VAIO Z Canvas appears to be going straight against and toe-to-toe with Apple and Microsoft for the prize of designer head honcho. The 12.3-inch Z Canvas is aimed squarely at […]

Lenovo gets serious with its new Y Series gaming range #IFA

I dig Lenovo, I really do. I love my Yoga 2 Pro and whilst trawling through all the new goodies, such as the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, I noticed that their Y Series gaming machines had a definite presence at IFA 2015 and, by the looks of things, a whole new rethink. It seems that […]

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – the new pico projector packing tablet #IFA

One of the areas I *had* to check out at IFA 2015 was Lenovo’s. I had already been told by my buddy Gareth, of Tracy and Matt fame, that they had rebranded themselves and the first thing to great me was the new Yoga Tab 3 Pro. Lenovo is calling their Yoga Tab 3 Pro […]

Apple iPad mini 4 – is it worth upgrading?

Rather boringly expected, when compared with the Apple TV and iPad Pro announcements, the new iPad Mini 4 iOS tablet was also unveiled at the Apple event. The latest iPad mini 4 is now 18%  thinner and measures just 6.1 mm in thickness as well as weighing just 0.65 pounds. The new iPad mini also […]

Apple iPad Pro launched finally – Big tablet, big seller?

For the last couple of years the iPad Pro has been a rumour. This year things got a little more serious. Finally, Apple has officially announced their new larger iPad. So, strap yourself in for the full iPad Pro specifications as well as details on the release date and price of Apple’s new tablet. The […]

Asus ZenPad 8.0 Z380C review – best tablet under £120

Finding a tablet these days isn’t a problem – chosing the right one, however, gets more difficult each year it seems as there’s just so many out there. One major factor for most is price. Of course you can do little about your budget but you will still be expecting your tablet to be able […]