Gaming Christmas Tree Ornaments or Geek Mobile

Thinking that your Christmas tree is lacking in a certain gaming department? Fed up with the traditional baubles and santas? Well – howsabout these game-tastic hanging red acrylic laser-cuts? Each ornament measures between 3 and 4 inches wide. Alternatively you could make these into a mobile to start your kid off in the right direction […]

New Small Panasonic LCD TV is Really a Digital Photoframe, CD Playing iPod Dock

First picture I saw of this little Panasonic lead me to believe that it was a neat portable LCD Television. Gah – how wrong and foolish do I feel now? What it is, in fact, is Panasonic‘s new MW-10 “multimedia audio system photo frame”. Not only will it show pictures held on either its 4GB […]

Get Hobo Chic and Help the Homeless – Cardboard Looking Home Duvet Set

This is a cool idea. Make your bed resemble a series of cardboard boxes (even the flatsheet looks like a pavement) with the added bonus of actually doing a bit of good so that you can sleep a little easier. This high quality duvet cover features a photographic print of a cardboard box. This produces […]

Dyson’s Latest Fan – Air Multiplier

Dyson, the UK maker of those vacuum cleaners that made housework cool and the Airblade hand dryer has revealed an equally cool fan 🙂 Head on over to Dyson’s Fan page right now and enjoy the funky design. The twist to the new air cooler is that it’s a bladeless desk fan that uses Air […]

Oversized Knitted Furniture – Chunky Comfy

Phat Knits is the creation of Dutch designer  Bauke Knottnerus who must be a sight to see with a pair of needles. Phat Knits is a series of fantastical over-sized furniture pieces, despite the fact that the designer claims that he doesn’t really see himself as a furniture designer. “I’m more like a material designer,” […]

Brag About Your Weight Loss on Internet and iPhone Connected Scales

If you’ve had friends that have been on diets you’ll know how eager they are to tell you how many ounces they’ve managed to shed. The “WiFi Body Scale” from French company Withings will be right up their food supplementing alleys. It records your weight and BMI and automatically uploads it to a secure website […]