Can you afford to wait for ultrafast broadband?


Almost every business needs to be connected to the world of the web but some require more capacity and higher speeds than others. One popular solution recently has been to opt for a leased line. This is a dedicated network connection that physically connects two locations. Leased lines are ‘uncontended’, meaning you are not sharing […]

Hive smart heating system GadgetyNews giveaway! #HomeWithHive

Hive set

You know the saying “If you don’t like the British weather, just wait 5 minutes”? Well, with the deep freeze, then thaw, then lovely sunshine back to it being unkind to brass monkeys, trying to get the heating sorted is tricky at best. But when the weather is fairly warm when I leave for the […]

Acticheck Assure launches – reveals how much time Brits spend alone

Acticheck Assure

Brits are progressively spending more time by themselves. In the last census 7.6m people were recorded as living alone: by 2031, this figure is expected to top 10.9m. A survey of UK adults by Acticheck, creators of the Assure, a ‘Fit & Forget’ smartband, has revealed UK adults spend a quarter of each weekday completely […]

Pimp your Hoover with authorised 3D printed parts

hoover flashlight

There’s a bunch of people I know who already are kitted out with 3D printers and where this used to be the domain of the Gadgety hobbiest, now that more and more companies are allowing consumers to print their own parts and accessories, I’m starting to think that I should be joining in. Following in […]

Sony smart lock Qrio up for crowdfunding

sony qrio smart lock

It looks like Sony are at it again with the crowdfunding, the latest campaign being to fund the smallest smart lock. Sony is following up on the success of its FES smartwatch crowdfunding campaign. The FES smartwatch was entered on to the site without any mention of Sony. The clever watch not only uses e-ink for […]

Life Armour NEO – your escape pod from acts of God and zombies (maybe)

life armour neo

Looking for the next-gen alternative to building your own air raid shelter? In that case you might want to check out the Life Armour NEO. If you’ve spent way too long considering what your chances would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse or how to survive a meteor striking earth then you might […]