Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac powerline review

devolo dlan 1200+ starter kit review

Powerline adapters. I wasn’t convinced at first and would thread CAT 5e cable through each flat I rented. Then I ended up renting a house and had to rethink things. Renting a place means no drilling holes in floors and ceilings. For the last 8 months I’ve been relying on some of these adapters and […]

Systemline E100 builds your music system in to the wall

e100 controller

A new built-in music system has just launched that provides homeowners with seamless and immediate access to their favourite radio stations and songs – Systemline’s E100. The Systemline E100 music system gives instant access to your favourite music from a sleek and unobtrusive wall-mounted control panel. It certainly looks stylishly industrial and I can imagine […]

Google launches stylish OnHub router

google onhub router

Routers generally are either meh or WTF when it comes to looks. You either want to hide them or want them in plain sight so you can keep an eye on them just in case they decide to wreak havoc. The new one from Google, however, is almost pretty. This new addition from Google is […]

Thingsee One brings faster Internet of Things development

Thingsee One

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is not showing any signs of slowing but developing your own device is still an area for clever gadgety types. That is until now and thanks to new device created by Thingsee. The Thingsee One is designed to provide developers with a cost-effective and simple way for developing and […]

iLuv SmartShaker vibrating alarm review

iLuv SmartShaker

Sharing a bed or even a room over night can lead to difficulties in the morning, especially if your alarms are set for different times. How can you have a wake-up call that won’t annoy those that don’t have to get up yet? Well, the iLuv SmartShaker could be one answer. The SmartShaker is a […]

MiniSun Tri-Colour LED desk lamp review


Often we are left with choices. Do we want a versitile lamp that looks ‘ok’ or a lamp that will look great in the room but lack features. Of course, you can have it all but that will generally mean digging deep in to your pocket. I’ve been living with the MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck […]