MiniSun Tri-Colour LED desk lamp review


Often we are left with choices. Do we want a versitile lamp that looks ‘ok’ or a lamp that will look great in the room but lack features. Of course, you can have it all but that will generally mean digging deep in to your pocket. I’ve been living with the MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck […]

MIPOW Playbulb Rainbow review

Playbulb Rainbow

Want to be able to switch from grown-up livingroom to disco fun palace at the touch of a button or, perhaps, change the lighting strength and colour to match the ambiance? The MIPOW Playbulb could do all of this. Maybe. The Playbulb Rainbow started off life as a Kickstarter campaign last year and now it’s […]

Anki Overdrive is the future of slot(less) car racing – updated

Anki OVERDRIVE track

Anki has shown what the future for miniature car racing looks like in the form of their modular Overdrive set. I loved my TCR and Scalectrix sets back in the day and so was quite excited about the prospect of Real FX racing, but Anki brought out their Drive set which gave the tiny RC […]

Allocacoc PowerCube Remote review

PowerCube Remote

Power strips, 4-gangs, 6-gangs, trailing sockets, call them what you will. Most of us will have owned very many in our time. But, believe it or not, Allocacoc have managed to approach this most basic part of your tech set-up a bit differently, as well as adding a neat bit of functionality to it. I […]

Neato announces D-Series Botvacs – home and pet owners rejoyce!

neato botvac D series

The Neato Botvac D Series has just been announced and is the latest addition to the popular Neato line of robot vacuums designed to take the strain out of cleaning up your home. The D Series is built upon Neato’s breakthrough laser navigation system and powerful suction. These new robot vacuum cleaners feature a new […]

Touchjet Pond Projector turns any surface into an interactive touchscreen

Touchjet Pond smart projector

Last night I was treated to the launch of the Touchjet Pond, a tiny projector that’s big on surprises. Today, on the back of one of the most successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns of all time, Touchjet has now officially launched the Touchjet Pond Projector. It may look like just any other pico projector, but it […]