Philips Luceo cordless DECT home phone review

Whether you call it fixed line or land line, the fact is this is an oft forgotten about area of communication. Most of us carry at least one means of communication around with us each day, so why bother with a home phone? Well, most broadband packages will include a land line in with the […]

New coffee-loving Magicup Barista review and give-away!

Anyone that has known me for more than a week knows full well that I am not worth approaching before 10am or coffee #2 if you’re looking for social interaction. The risk of inadvertently loosing my liquid mojo during the rush hour scrum or simply through lack of co-ordination is one I try not to […]

Netgear Powerline 1200 adapters review

The Netgear Powerline 1200 kit (PL1200-100UKS to give it its Sunday name) follows the brief of all the other powerline adapters I have encountered. It has been designed as a simple way to squirt an ethernet connection to a room far away from your router. Does the Netgear Powerline 1200 do this any better than […]

Bare Conductive brings DIY electronics to the masses

Bare Conductive creates electronic tools and kits to empower people’s imaginations and creativity by connecting any surface, object or space to the digital world. Could their kits be the ideal Christmas gifts for those who like to tinker? The British company offers a range of unique tools, kits and creative guides that should get your […]

BrewBarrel customised wheat beer homebrew kit review

If any of you have been following my journey in to 21st century style homebrew then, no doubt, you are at the edge of your seats waiting for my results. Well, it has been a week now since I got around to brewing my ale so what was the finished article like? BrewBarrel – the […]

BrewBarrel beer kit unboxing video

As I mentioned in my previous overview, BrewBarrel aims to make brewing beer at home a painless and quick process. Brewbarrel is a simple yet innovative home-brew kit from Germany (where it sells as Braufässchen) that uses a technique which means that everything takes place in the one vessel – a five-litre minikeg that you […]