The M3D Micro – a truly affordable consumer 3D printer

micro cat

Like most of you reading this, I have been following the prgression of 3D printers from expensive industrial tools to gadgets found in high street stores. It’s either the price, the size, or both that has prevented the natty devices finding their place in most homes. That could change with the Micro. The Micro is [...]

Planning your day at The Gadget Show Live 2014

GSL logo

As you gadgety fans are probably aware, it’s not long now until The Gadget Show Live will be upon us. So, if you’ve not already made plans, perhaps it’s time to do so. The Gadget Show Live, which is held April 9th-13th this year, has managed to establish itself as one of the largest and [...]

Fujitsu announce gesture control glove and NFC ring

Fujitsu glove

Fujitsu has unveiled a new glove-based controller which it hopes to bring to market soon. This could be the perfect accessory for the growing number of wearable tech being launched. Fujitsu Laboratories has been developing the new gesture control glove and equipped it with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and a gesture-based input control interface. [...]

MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner now half-price

MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner angle

If you’re looking to get in on 3D printing then you’ll probably be interested to hear that the MakerBot Digitizer desktop 3D scanner, which launched back in August of last year for $1,400, has now been hugely discounted at a special offer price. The MakerBot Digitizer desktop 3D scanner has been created to provide users [...]

Stratasys unveils full colour, flexible material 3D printer

stratasys 3 colour helmets

Object printing has made a leap forward as the world’s first 3D printer that’s capable of multi-material, full-colour 3D printing has just been unveiled by MakerBot owner Stratasys. The Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer (snappy name, huh?) is a $330,000 (¬£200,000ish) manufacture level printer that’s aimed at designers and manufacturers who want to speed [...]

Google Glass now available to All Access subscribers

google glass earbud 1

Looking to get some techno face furniture? Well, Google has now opened up its Glass Explorers programme to subscribers of its All Access music streaming service. Google has sent out emails to subscribers of the service informing them that they can now buy a Google Glass Explorers device. Apparently, according to Gizmodo, Google sent the [...]