Garmin NuviCam LMT-D – Dashcam loaded SatNav review

A day doesn’t seem to go by without someone posting or sharing some dashcam or helmetcam footage on my Facebook timeline. Once these only appeared to be from Eastern Europe but lately the UK is representing and this aligns with the latest figures that dashcams have seen a 918% rise in sales in the UK […]

Google Map Maker suspended

Remember the picture of a cheeky Android Mascot peeing on an Apple logo which was discovered on Google Maps? Well, Google has responded by suspending their Map Maker tool. Google has announced that as of today, Map Maker will be temporarily unavailable and Google are looking to fix the issues on Google Maps that have […]

Cheeky Android bot seen taking a leak on Apple logo in Google Maps

The battle between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems have seen sneaky shots from both parties, but this might just been one of the most blatant – and funny. I am sure that Android would happily back the No iOS Zone Wi-Fi hack but, until then, it looks as though they’re happy having a […]

Garmin nuvi 3597 LMT sat nav hands-on review

The Garmin nüvi 3597 LMT sat nav is one of the brand’s top-flight GPS devices, but what does it bring to the table? Let’s face it, portable GPS navigation units used to be special but now they’re ubiquitous: You can find GPS units shoved in cameras, and any smartphone on any platform. What’s special about […]

Navigate Christmas with Garmin’s nüvi 3598LMT-D sat-nav

From arriving on time for the festive family feast to finding the best routes for weekends away – finding your way around has just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Garmin’s latest top of the range sat-nav – the award-winning nüvi 3598LMT-D. The nüvi 3598LMT-D uses state of the art technology to avoid traffic while […]

HTC Mini+ phone extension and Fetch security tag

Remember back at the start of the year when I reported on the HTC Mini, the companion device that connects to your smartphone and lets you take calls without exposing your flagship / oversized handset? Well, Engadget got to play with it, and Fetch. The tech blog was invited to get a hands-on with the […]