You can now own the best business card. Ever.


Kevin Bates is special as he has arguably done more for business cards than Patrick Bateman ever could thanks to using a thin and tiny handheld console that could even play video games. Now you too have the chance of owning one. Bates created Arduboy as the most awesome business card, as well as being […]

Grab an Xbox One for under £300

xbox one uk

If you have been umming and ah-ing over whether or not to get an Xbox One, now is the best time to get on it as Microsoft has dropped the price of their Xbox One console here in the UK once again. If you’re running the Sony console or have been enjoying games on your […]

Ride PS4 review


RIDE, the brand new motorcycle racing experience from Milestone, offers you a chance to delve deep and submerge yourself into the world of motorbike racing. A departure from the usual Milestone formula, RIDE takes a big step in the right direction. RIDE eases you in slowly; clear, precise menus and a rider profile are waiting […]

Steam Machine price list live – starts small, gets silly

steam machine

Following on from Zotac’s unveiling of their SN970 Steam Machine, Valve has come clean on how much their foray in to the living room will cost users. Bringing PC gaming in to the family room will cost as little as $460 (£302), which isn’t bad as most PC gamers will testify getting a half-near decent […]

Pitendo – the pocket retro gaming console


Sure, these new consoles with their 4K capabilities and big money titles are pretty cool, but sometimes, just sometimes, do you find yourself yearning for a retro classic? How about shoving a classic console or 8 in your pocket? Check out the Pitendo. Get ready of some pocket-friendly pixelated playtime with the Pitendo Ultimate. As […]

NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Android console announced

Nvidia SHIELD console and SHIELD controller

Nvidia has just announced the Shield console, the world’s first 4K Android TV gaming console, at Game Developers Conference today in San Francisco. It looks like Valve aren’t going to have it all their way, after all. Along with the new entertainment system, the company also announced its Grid game-streaming service, which will deliver games […]