New Xbox One chip could bring a thinner, cheaper and cooler console

xbox one slim

The interwebs are whispering that an Xbox One Slim could already be in the pipeline. Reports that AMD has developed a smaller, cooler and, more importantly, cheaper version of the CPU which currently beats at the heart of Xbox One. The new chip is based on 20nm as opposed to 28nm tech – to most [...]

MSI GT80 Titan gaming laptop packs mechanical keyboard

MSI GT80 Titan

Gaming laptops, no matter how potent, always have to make one compromise – the keyboard. Not so with MSI’s latest gaming laptop, the GT80 Titan. Any PC gamer will tell you that mechanical keyboards are where it’s at. Even I, with the limited amount of time I have free to game, am equipped with a [...]

Next gen portable consoles – Xbook One and PlayBook 4

xbox one and ps4 laptops

If you liked the Ben Hack PS3 laptop then you’re going to love these portable next gen consoles from Ed Zarick. Ed Zarick is a self-taught engineer and has started to sell his Xbook One which features a 22-inch Vizio 1080p LED TV and the console itself packaged in a 3D printed and laser cut [...]

Want to be Bob the Builder? Buildanauts on PS4


Do you remember Bob the Builder and Sim City? Ever wanted to be Bob to build and manage your own city? Well I’ve got some awesome news for you. Developer TouchTilt brings you Buildanauts, a game in which you construct, manage and design your own city. You are the Mayor, city planner and builder at [...]

PlayStation Now PS Vita and PS TV open beta starts next week

PlayStation tv

Sony has announced today that it will be starting the open beta PlayStation Now service on both its PS Vita and PlayStation TV on October 14th 2014. The open beta of Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming game service will be available on PlayStation TV when the microconsole launches later this month. The US PlayStation blog reveals [...]

Sony Project Morpheus going social

project morpheus

You will probably already know that Sony has been working on its virtual reality (VR) headset, Project Morpheus, for a while now. As Virtual Reality tends to appear like a solitary experience it seems that Oculus, being acquired by Facebook, and now Sony are looking to keep some social experiences. Gaming probably appears to be [...]