Pitendo – the pocket retro gaming console


Sure, these new consoles with their 4K capabilities and big money titles are pretty cool, but sometimes, just sometimes, do you find yourself yearning for a retro classic? How about shoving a classic console or 8 in your pocket? Check out the Pitendo. Get ready of some pocket-friendly pixelated playtime with the Pitendo Ultimate. As […]

NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Android console announced

Nvidia SHIELD console and SHIELD controller

Nvidia has just announced the Shield console, the world’s first 4K Android TV gaming console, at Game Developers Conference today in San Francisco. It looks like Valve aren’t going to have it all their way, after all. Along with the new entertainment system, the company also announced its Grid game-streaming service, which will deliver games […]

Zotac SN970 – the first Steam Machine

zota sn970 steam machine

Valve continue their assault on living rooms, as well as virtual reality, and following their recent announcement that the first series of third-party Steam Machine PCs would arrive this November, Zotac have unveiled their SN970 Steam Machine. Zotac is one of over a dozen manufacturers who are currently cobbling together family room-friendly gaming computers which […]

HTC and Valve join forces for the Vive VR headset

htc vive vr

HTC has been busy. Not only did it drop the expected, and rather lovely, One M9 it also entered the wearable arena with Grip. What I wasn’t expecting was HTC to start doing virtual reality. Well, it has. Say hello to HTC re Vive. Just as it partnered with Under Armour for the Grip fitness […]

Dying Light PS4 review

dying light screen

As I stand on the balcony of a safe house gazing out at the darkening sky and the burning flames of a car wreck, I know I should feel horror… The ground and buildings are bathed in shades of orange and I almost don’t hear the distant shrieks of monsters who were once ordinary people […]

Razer Blade gaming laptop gets more power stays world’s thinnest

RzrBlade open

Razer released their Blade gaming laptop back in 2013 where it claimed to be the world’s thinnest – now it’s getting a refresh making it more powerful than ever. As all gamers know, as soon as you’ve got the latest kit there’s something newer, faster and more powerful on the market within a few months […]