LG using its curved OLED panels in stylish lighting

LG was one of the first to release a smartphone packing a curved display and now it looks like the tech company is looking where else it can shove its bendy screens. Over at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, LG is showing off one of the ideas it has in utilising the curved OLEDS: […]

Google can keep Their Modern Office – I’d Rather Have Furniture Designed by Aston Martin

Those of us that work in offices will all agree that they are generally one of the least inspiring places to be. There are those few, however, that look like fantastic places to spend the 9-5. I’d feel rather inspired if I worked behind an Aston Martin desk! Offices are either huge expanses of open-planned […]

Tie-1-One Modular Squishy Furniture

I’ve always wanted beanbag furniture but have either never had the ‘right room’ or the money for such a thing. It’s not much to ask to have something that I can pretty much just flop into when the day has gotten the better of me is it? I’ve seen the oversized beanbag sofa’s in stores […]

Huey the Chameleon Lamp will Copy his Surroundings

You want a new lamp but want to set the mood. Do you dim the lights or change the colour to fit the ambience? Perhaps you want to coordinate with what you’re wearing. It’s a shame we haven’t got the chameleon’s ability to match the surroundings. Well, Huey is a chameleon and he’s a lamp! […]

A Lamp That’s a Poster That’s a Lamp That’s Art

If you happen to be in a room with a lamp ban (it could happen) how would you get some focused illumination? Or – perhaps you’re such a furniture minimalist that having a desk-based light source is totally abhorrent to your ideals. What if I told you that there is a stealthy way of bringing […]

Robot Leopard Chair by OKI Now Available in Japan

We all spend a lot of time at our computers – nuff said. How many of us have a decent chair – one that doesn’t cripple your ass after 6 hours of Left 4 Dead? This is a chair I want!! The Oki Leopard Robot chair – how cool is that name? The chair is […]